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Requirement AnalysisGiven below are the requirement analyses for Catacomb:1.The bandwidth is needed to be increased in the 47 offices and the data centre of US.2.The coordination is required among the 4-8 catacombs in the metro areas such as SanDiego, Baltimore, Kansas City, Dallas and Chicago.3.The presence of reliable and secure network is required for the accommodation of theplanned growth and the unexpected ones.4.The company is not willing to increase the cost incurred on the telephone services.However, the company wants to upgrade the services while keeping the costs fromISDN low.5.The company wants to improve the efficiency and productivity and the capabilitiesand services are desired. This is expected to incorporate technological solutions forthe improvement in the customer satisfaction.6.Additional requirement of the company is monitoring and management of data andvoice services. Moreover, the capacity is ensured and use is appropriate as per thebusiness needs.Technology Solution1. The upgrading of Gigabit Ethernet is required to into Full Duplex Mode (FDM) toensure that bandwidth increases among the multiple offices and the data centre. With the useof FDM of Gigabit Ethernet, the collision is less likely. This will lead to the improvement inthe speed of the internet access. Moreover, bandwidth will increase to the requiredperformance level. It will also ensure the removal of any type of blockages.
2. Catacomb can utilize LTE (Long Term Evolution). LTE uses “combination offrequency division multiplexing and time division multiplexing on the downstream channel.It is called as OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). This helps ensure thatthe various metro areas will have around four to eight Catacomb locations for thecoordination. The implementation of satellite microwave connection can be done for theconnection of five cities. The use of satellite connection is important to be used. The reason isthat it is nearly impractical to layout ground cables for the linkage around the cities. Thesatellite microwave signals have greater travel distance and in can cover greater areas. Thesatellite receives signal from one station in a city and relays it to another far off distance.The image given below shows the satellite microwave connection that can befacilitated as discussed in the solution:3. The achievement of the reliable and secure network can be achieved with the use ofGigabit Ethernet, WIMAX technologies and the Satellite Microwave.
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