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Reflective Report on Questionnaire Method

Added on - 10 May 2020

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RESEARCH1Reflective report:The questionnaire method that has been used by the students in the case is very appropriate asper the requirements of the research and the type of data collected (Wright, 2005). Questionnaireis the type of survey method that is circulated amongst the sample so as to be filled by them. Thequestionnaire that has been used has mixed questions that are open ended as well as close ended.Thus, it provides all types of information to the student and the respondent also can convey theiropinions freely by the open ended questions (Sieber, 1973). Some of the disadvantages andadvantages of this method are:Advantages of questionnaire:Large information: it has been analysed that questionnaire I the method that allow theresearchers to have large amount if information in less time from the large number ofrespondents.Easy: It is the meth that is easy to circulate as well as it is easy to fill by the respondents.Respondents find it easy to fill the questionnaire as they can write or fill their opinionsvery freely (Burns and Bush, 2006).Quick results: it is also one of the major advantage of questionnaire that it can give quickresults and the analysis of the results it also very easy because the similar type ofquestions are filled by the respondents thus it is easy to quantify as well.Disadvantages of questionnaire:Less validity: It has been analysed that t depends on the mood of the respondent that howthey fill the questionnaire. It can be wrong.Understanding: It has also been identified that the questions that has been written I thequestionnaire may not be understood by the respondents and they may fill it withoutunderstanding (Fricker and Schonlau, 2002).Different perception different people have their different perception regarding the samequestion and thus the accuracy of the results may vary because of the difference in theperception of the respondents.
RESEARCH2False information: when the questionnaire is circulated online, it is not necessary that it isfilled by the right candidate who was being targeted for the questionnaire and thus itaffect the accuracy go the result.As far as the whole research is considered, it has been analysed that procedure is very successful.There are some shortcomings of the process used but the questions that have been involved in thequestionnaire were very easy to understand by the respondents (Malhotra, Birks, Palmer andKoenig-Lewis, 2003). It has been analysed at the time of research that the close ended questionswere easily filled by the respondents but the questions that are open ended were not filled soeasily by the respondents. This is because they have to analyse their one perception at that pointsand they do not have any options to mark (Kaplowitz, Hadlock and Levine, 2004). This makesthem to put some efforts in thinking about the subject related to the question. Some of thequestions were very easy but the question that was related to the experience of their journey gotnegative answers from most of the respondents. This suggest that people remembers the badexperiences and the not good one. It has been identified that the question that are involves thequestionnaire covers almost all the information required for the research and respondents havefilled the questionnaire in less than 20 minutes which suggests they did not find it difficult to fillthat.Although the whole administration procedure that has been used in the research was very wellexecuted but there is still some of the scope of improving the practices and the activities that areconducted at the time of conducting the survey. The major area where the improvement can bemade is the method of circulating the questionnaire (Kiesler and Sproull, 1986). It isrecommended that the questionnaire should be circulated through the offline means and theresearchers should sit with the respondents at the time when the questionnaire is being filled bythem. This is because this may develop the strength or the accuracy of the answers filled. Thereshould be some more open ended questions in the questionnaire because it may provide morechance to the respondents to give their own opinions. More of the close ended questions restrictthe choices of answers to them.
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