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Running head:RDITResearch and Development in Information SystemName of the student:Name of the university:Author Note
1RDITLiterature Review on Autonomy in AI instructionIntroduction:AI or Artificial Intelligence is a generic term implying usage of computers for modeling orreplicating intelligent behavior. Robotics, branch of AI, is composed of various types of engineeringto design, develop and apply robots in a real-world scenario. The paper will focus on concepts andideas on AI and Robotics under Research and Development in Information Technology.Key concepts and ideas:The idea of AI and robotics has focused on computer reasoning. However, the possibleestablishment of information portrayal has been lying on limited development for a machine tounderstand orders. RoboCop, a famous company encouraging AI has been analyzing and includingvarious advancements (Kamishima, Gremmen and Akizawa 2018). Further, the study has helped inunderstanding formal approach towards the synthesis of compliant-motion strategies from preciseerror estimation and geometric description of various assembly operations.Summary:It is argued that international process is suitable to design robots in sectors of a corporativedomain. The idea of a cognitive state of an agent shows beliefs about the external world, goals anddesires to change the environment. Under cooperative cases, different reasoning regarding thosecognitive structures has been vital to solving problems and communication (Wachter, Mittelstadt andFloridi 2017). To construct those models, experimental robot psychology is proposed. This isbecause it includes reasoning and formalizing about the design of current robot agents.
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