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Research Methodology - Assignment Solved

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Added on  2021-04-16

Research Methodology - Assignment Solved

   Added on 2021-04-16

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What Makes a Wedding Memorable?
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Research Methodology - Assignment Solved_1
Presentation, Analysis and Evaluation of Findings
This chapter illustrates the analysis of the data collected from the survey and its findings.
The researcher has conducted a primary survey on 57 people, selected randomly, and using
simple random sampling technique. The questionnaire had total 15 close ended questions that
focused on the demographic details of the participants and different factors that contribute in
making a wedding memorable. Close ended questions are chosen due to the reason that it enables
the researcher to keep the scope of answers narrowed down and reduces the complexity of the
analysis (Lewis 2015). The presentation of the analysis and its evaluation are done in this
Presentation, Analysis and Evaluation of Findings
Demographic factors
Demographic factors refer to those elements that describe the socio economic status of
the participants. Socio economic factors are those that address the quality of life of the people in
a society. These include behaviour, attitude, tastes and preferences, income, age, gender, and
lifestyle of people (Peng 2016). In the given research on the important factors of a wedding, the
age, gender profile, marital status, years of marriage and numbers of marriage are considered
under the demographic factor for their relevance in the research project. The responses and their
explanations are presented below.
Research Methodology - Assignment Solved_2
Table 1: Gender profile of the participants
Figure 1: Gender profile of the participants
From the above table and graph of the responses, it is seen that, among 57 participants, majority,
that is, 31 (54.39%) are female and 26 (45.61%) are male.
Research Methodology - Assignment Solved_3
Table 2: Marital status of the participants
Figure 2: Marital status of the participants
Regarding the marital status of the respondents, majority (37 people or 64.91%) are single or
unmarried, 17 (29.82%) people are married and only 3 (5.26%) people are widow/er.
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