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Paper - Attachment and Child Development

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Research Paper: Running Head1RESEARCH PAPER: WHAT IS ATTACHMENT?Kamalpreet DhanjalSheridan College
Research Paper: Running Head1Multiple studies have documented that Attachment describes physical, social andpsychological effects that attachment has on child development. This entire researchpaper focuses on the importance of Attachment and how itreflects on child development.Attachment theory is focused onchildren who need a secure emotional relationship withtheir teachers and their caregivers so they can grow, develop and feel safe in a nurturingenvironment.It is a fundamental where young children and infants requires consistentrelationship with particular people in order to develop. The attachment theory hasdeveloped There are three main sources which describes attachment which focuses onchild developmental theory.In the article the attachment focuses how the attachment theory have been made ? Asthe term attachment means who gives a sense of stability and security and necessary totake risks and which affects on children’s developmental growth andchildrens’spersonality.Authors clearly states what is the importance of attachment and how thechildren are developed based on their emotional and cognitive development. In the articlethere is attachment theory which focus on the effects on the children experiences and andtheir developmental skill which are examined by Erik Erikson. There are 3 patterns ofattachment theory which are been discussed in the paper and how it affects and what areare the outcome to improve those factors. Lastly, in article author also talks about howattachment plays a important role the relationship between childhood educator andchildren. It also talks about how to build the trust what child plays in each stage invarious ways in order to provide them a secure and safe well how ithow
Research Paper: Running Head1the attachment refers the particular way people are related to other people. In the article itshows that how attachment are formed and how you related in intimate relationships andhow you parent your children by understanding your style of attachment is helpfulbecause itIn this articleMary Airworth attachment theory and types of attachment style” it iswritten by and it is published in this year of 2007. In this article, the author discuss aboutvarious types of attachment and how it is contributed in a children’s development. InAttachment is the particular way in which way you relate to other people, but authorstates that various ways where children develop their gross motor skills based oninteractions between parents and caregivers. There are 3 main patters of attachmentwhich are being examined by ethologist John Bowlby and Aniworth. The first categorywhich focus in the research is secure attachment which focuses on how it is classified bychildren who show anxiety and shows emotional distress when their caregiver leaves, butthey pose themselves make and make themselves stable that their caregiver will return.Ainworth examined in secure attachment that 1 year old in the strange situations and athome, they found 3 main patterns of attachment. Children who are 0 -16 months they areadapt easily and co-operate with their caregivers when they are upset as older childrendon’t. The second main attachment category is avoidant attachment which focuses onhow children suffers from natural consequences in their household environment living inand how they are treated by each of the family members. Author clearly states that inavoidant attachment children are able to do things independently and physically andemotionally for example (example). The paper also talks about how Children who arewith avoidant attachment are outwardly unaffected by a caregiver leaving or returning.
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