Reasons behind Nurses' Smoking and Stress: A Quantitative Study


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RESEARCH PLAN1What do I need to know?Sources Notes and other questions which are raisedJustification of usage of resourcesWhat aspect of NVCis being investigated?The aspect of NVC which is being investigated is the impact of gender on the haptic behavior.1.(Bartlett, D., 1998)2.(Ritter S.A., Tolchard B. and Stewart R. 1995)Why doesn't people raise their voice against the haptic behavior which they do not like?The resources help in understanding the impact of males and females on the behaviour of touch. Are there any relevant theories available for this behaviour? The differences between the genders in the haptic behaviorwhich further causes stress. The theories like non-verbal communication are given to understand the haptic touch better. Further, there are gender differences because of the patriarchal society.1.(Bartlett, D., 1998)2.(Fagin, L., Brown, D., Leary, J. and Carson, J., 1995)Why is there a difference in the gender depending mainly on the haptic behavior?The resources are reliable and valid because it gives all the information which is required for my research study.
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RESEARCH PLAN2What previous research has alreadybeen conducted?The factors which increase the stress level of the nurses and they get addicted to smoking were being researched previously and the theories are also given like non-verbal theory in order to differentiate between the genders towards the haptic touch.1.(Maslach, C. and Jackson, S.E., 1981)2.(Melchior et al., 1997)3.(Adams, R.J., Moreyra, M.R. and Hannaford, B., 1998)Why does the researchers not give any easy measure to cope up with stress?The resources are reliable and valid because it explains allthe relevant factors for the research study. TAQ 1Background Research A numerous number of studies were conducted in order to analyze the reasons which are stressful for the nurses and to cope up with the stress they start smoking. The meta-analysis was conducted by (Melchior et al., 1997) and it was observed that there is a correlation among the satisfaction of the job, conflicts among the roles, support from the supervisor and the burnout. Further, on the basis of the research, it was also found that the patients also have a great influence on the nurses and this can be a risk factor which makes the nurses stressful. According to the (Fagin et al., 1995), it has been analyzed that the social support helps the nurses in coping
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