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Globalisation drive business success: Case Study

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Added on  2021-02-21

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Research Proposal
Globalisation drive business success: Case Study_1
Research Proposal Form
Student Name: ______________________ Student ID:
Centre Name: _____________________
Tutor: ________________ Date:
Unit: ____________________
Proposed Title: ______________________________________________
Section One: Title, objective, responsibilities
Title or working title of the research project (in the form of a question,
objective or hypothesis)
“To understand how can globalisation drive business success” A case study
Research objectives (e.g what is the question you want to answer? What do
you want to learn how to do? What do you want to find out?):
Research Objectives
To evaluate role of globalization in business expansion.
To identify challenges of globalisation.
To determine various factors which influences success of TESCO.
To examine different benefits of globalisation towards TESCO.
Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research project
Reasons for choosing the project (e.g links to other subjects you are
studying, personal interest, future plans, knowledge/skills you want to
improve, why the topic is important):
Globalisation drive business success: Case Study_2
In order to understand how companies are moving their businesses in
international world, I have chosen the topic “Globalisation”. This would help in
enhancing the knowledge level and being able to develop better strategies for a
company, when it globalise its business. Doing investigation on the concept of
globalisation, will improve research skills of mine and boost my career in the
same field.
Section Three: Literature sources searched.
Use of key literature sources to support your research question, objective or
Globalisation has become a boon for today's organisations, that helps in
trading products and services across international countries more easily. It
provides opportunities to business in enhancing their customer base and meet
their requirements, effectively. It encourages producers and customers to gain
benefits of availability of different products with a range of prices. This concept
increases competition in marketplace that reduces the monopoly profits as well
as force organisations to offer their commodities on competitive price rates.
Competitive pressures also increases by globalisation that assist companies to
improve their governance and provide better protection to labours. But it raises
inequalities in income and wealth as well, because people that do not possess
much skills and knowledge of technology that requires to conduct business at
international level, have to work at low wages, than others. This would increase
inequalities in them. Similarly, higher customer expectations, inconsistent
Globalisation drive business success: Case Study_3
morale standards, modifications in business functions to meet global standards,
cultural rifts and more, all arise challenges in front of organisation when they
globalising their businesses. While open and increased trade refers to a key
contributor for global growth that creates a long-term impact on productivity of
business. So, it has evaluated from Globalisation has provided lot of advantages
but then also there are many challenges of globalisation which are experienced
across world. Such as, every country has there own culture and when
globalisation takes place there is interaction and exchange of such cultures &
values of different countries. It has also enabled firms to increase the intensity of
research and development innovation, for capitalising their output. Increase in
trade, also removes restrictions between two countries, that helps in growing
economy by providing more employment to workers, offer product on cheap
rates to consumers and increase competition at marketplace. Globalisation lead
to reduce the cost of consumption as well that lead to increase in real wages. It
also helps in reducing gender gap and other discrimination by increasing
diversity within organisation. In context with Tesco, as it deals in retail business
and operate business in number of countries, so adopting the concept of
globalisation has helped in securing its goodwill and brand image for their
customers in term of quality also which it is offering in it products. Tesco has
also successfully launched customer loyalty programs, and introduced various
promotional tools to attract increased number of customers. Presently, Tesco has
a presence in 13 countries which enables them to have access to more than 3
billion prospective and present buyers. Outsourcing is also Tesco biggest
strength which they are using to expand themselves across countries.
Globalisation has actually helped tesco to cater needs of about 54% of world's
Section Four: Activities and timescales
Activities to be carried out during the research project (e.g research,
development and analysis of ideas, writing, data collection, numerical
analysis, tutor meetings, production of final outcome, evaluation, writing
the report):
How long this will
Globalisation drive business success: Case Study_4

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