Reviewing the completed project.

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Reviewing the completed project The purpose The main purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate skill in reviewing a completed project and making recommendations for future action and analysing the review issues and evaluating your experience. The assignment:Prepare a post-project report for the below in an appropriate format. Your report should include references to the information presented. Overall performance reflects on how well your project performed against the business and project objectives. In your report, evaluate how well the objectives were metand include aspects of governance, personal reflections and experiences of managing the project. Examples to consider are: personal journey, approaches used, leadership aspects, team management, team development, handling of change management) and present your recommendations for future action.Report format using supporting resources. Discusses aspects of governance, personal experiences and effectiveness of how well the project met the objectives. Evaluates all relevant critical factors. Gives recommendations that are realistic and can be implemented. Review of specific areas of the project you will have to review what did and did not work in your project. (a) Discuss the forms of contract used in the project. If contracts were not used, you may adapt this question by considering the type of contracts you would use if you were asked to use contracts. (i) How well did the forms of contract accommodate the project’s objectives? (ii) Discuss any issues arising from the negotiation of contracts throughout the entire project. (iii) Consider what other forms of contract could have been used. Give reasons why they may or may not have been preferable. (b) Explain how risk was managed in this project. Justify the level and type of actions taken. 1

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