Report on Experience After Suffering from Stomach Flu

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Risk assessment for stomach fluName of studentInstitution of affiliationDate
IntroductionAccording toYen, McDonald, Hirschland & Edington (2003),risk assessmentgenerally refers to a term, which is employed for describing the general method orprocess, which entails the identification of the hazards as well as theriskfactors,which have the ability to result in the harm.It also entails a thorough analysisand athorough evaluation of some of themainrisks, which are linked to the given hazard(Mills, Kessler, Cooper & Sullivan, 2007; Ozminkowski, Goetzel & Wang, 2006).This report provides my experience after suffering from stomach flu. Itdocuments some of the main unsafe conditions, which made me to be exposed tostomach flu. It has also explored some of the main causes of stomach flu beforepresenting some of the main measures, which can be put in place to ensure thatstomach flu is effectively dealt with.Unsafe situations that can result in Stomach FluThere are a number of unsafe situations, which can bring about stomach flu.Based on my experience with stomach flu, some of the main unsafe situations, whichcan result in stomach flu, include failure to wash the hands, failure to use handsanitizer, failure to disinfect hard surfaces, failure and to wipe various surfaces withinthe houses. When it comes to thefailure to disinfect the hard surfaces, it is worthpointing out that when an individual someone suffers from stomach flu, lack ofdisinfecting the hard surfaces, like the counters, faucets as well as the doorknobs canmake others to be affected as well (Patel, Hall, Vinje & Parashar, 2009).When it comes to failure to wash the hands, I realized that I contractedstomach flu because of my failure to ensure that my hands are always properlywashed. Various experts have also noted that one of the main causes of stomach flu isthe inability of the individuals to wash their hands. They have noted that washing of
the hands is one of the main ways through which the virus can be stopped. Variousreviews have pointed out thatgood hand-washing technique significantly reduces therate of diarrhea by about 40 per cent. Individuals should therefore ensure that they makegood use of water and soap to ensure that their hands are properly washed. Hands shouldbe washed properly before using the bathrooms, prior to taking meals, and after changingthe diapers for the children (Ahmed et al. 2014).I can also link failure touse handsanitizer to stomach flu.When one is not near thesink to ensure that their hands areproperly washed, they need to ensure that they use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Whilethe hand sanitizer might not be as effective when compared to hand washing, it also playsa role in the prevention of the stomach flu (Green et al. 2000).Failure towipe down surfaces is also a major cause of stomach flu.When one ishaving stomach flu, the high-traffic areas ought to be washed off, like the doorknobs,bathroom, phones, as well as the TV remotes using a diluted bleach solution. When it ispossible, individuals who are healthy ought to be kept out of the bathroom that is beingused by the sick person (Zheng et al. 2006).The other major factor, which can result in the stomach flu includecontaminationof various places. When places, which are contaminated, are not properly cleaned,individuals who are exposed to the places can easily be infected. As a result, in orderto ensure that individuals prevent themselves from stomach flu, they need to ensurethat they clean in a proper manner all the areas, which are contaminated (Bok et al.2009).Inability to continuously clean surfaces, which are always touched also resultin stomach flu. Some of them include the counters, doorknobs, fridge handles,microwaves, hand railings, tables and chairs, faucets, as well as the flush handles. It iscrucial for individuals to make use of a bleach-based cleaner (de Graaf et al. 2015).
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