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Running Head: Risk ManagementRISK MANAGEMENTCobWeb
Risk Management1IntroductionCobweb is considered as a famous cloud services expert and also consider the largest hostedexchange provider of the Europe. It was situated in 1996. In this paper, we will study the securityproblems of the organization. This will help us in determining proper solution to avoid thesesecurity problems. Its wide experience is empowering the different organizations to grow theirbusiness with high-level flexibility by best-of-breed cloud technologies. It was the firstorganization of the Europe dealing in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. It ismainly dealing with Microsoft office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Email Encryption,Professional consulting, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Email Archiving.Security Problems of CobWebCobWeb is facing different types of security problem. Some of them are following:Physical break-ins: It brings greater risk to the physical security of the organization thanhackers. Due to the break-in employees of the organization leave the office and move onto other competitor’s organization (Alhawari, 2012). On the other hand, physical break-ins lost the important data which may fall into the wrong hands and can misuse by theothers.The homepage of the CobWeb was hacked recently: Hacking brings serious problems forthe working of the organization. The homepage of the organization is recently hacked dueto which sensitive information of the organization leaked. This will damage the creditratings of the organization from different consumer agencies (Whitman, 2013).Data loss due to large employee negligence: Loss of necessary data due to the employeenegligence brings serious problem in the success of the organization. In the absence of
Risk Management2necessary data, they cannot proceed further which will bring big monetary loss to theorganization.The network administrator of the organization complains that the organization permitsfree access to anything on the network for everyone who asks for it: Due to this offer ofthe organization, everyone can access to the website of the organization (Stoneburner,2013). In such case hacking chances are more which ultimately influence theperformance of the organization in a negative context.Vulnerability Assessment MatrixAssetThreatRisk ControlRankComputer SystemHackingInstall firewall tocomputerDelete emails fromdifferent unknownsourcesChange password213StorageData LossInstall protectionfrom anti-virusUpdate theprogramsRegularly backup132SystemVirus attackInstall real-timeanti-spywareprotectionPerform daily scanactivity132
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