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Research report1Name:Institution:Date:
Research report21.0 Introduction1.1 BackgroundRoad accident has been identified as one of the major contributor to national deaths in so manycountries. The accidents have been found to be caused by various reasons such as recklessdriving, unroadworthy vehicles, driving while under the influence of alcohol and poor states ofroads to mention but a few (Sidhu & Sodi, 2013). The accidents have not only claimed the life ofthe occupants of the vehicles but also those who walk as pedestrians along the roads. Manyinterventions have been put by governments through relevant departments to ensure the rate ofroad carnage has been brought down significantly (Onokala, 2015) and (Smith, 2009). This hasbeen in an effort to help the traffic police. In some countries, apart from the traffic police,departments such as department of transport and transport safety authorities have been institutedto ensure road safety. Apart from using institutions, guides such as road signs have been used(Bolade, 2013). These have been erected everywhere along the road so as to guide drivers on thestate of the road and the environment they are driving in. Road safety campaigns have also beentaken to the masses to scale down road accidents (Stansfield & McGreevy, 2008). The otherelement that has contributed to the number of accidents on the roads is the use of motorcycles.This is very common in cities and urban areas where passengers use the motorcycles during peakhours to avoid being trapped in traffic snarl (Robertson, 2012) and (Ross, 2011). As a result ofgreed to make more money, the motorcycle riders take advantage of these situations and speed tin between the vehicles so as to make numerous trips thus causing accidents.
Research report31.2 Statement of the problemIt is natural to conclude that accidents are not planned and that they occur randomly. On thesame breathe, it can be said that males and females get involved in the accident without anypattern because it is a random occurrence. People of all ages also get involved in the accidentswithout any pattern. This report sought to establish whether there is significant difference in thenumber of females and males that die in road accident in the states of America in 2012. Thereport also wants to establish whether there is a difference of the same among various agegroups. To be able to accomplish this task, the report sourced data from motor vehicle safetywebsite while others were collected.1.3 Justification of the use of sample dataSince this report was dealing in deaths due to road accidents, data regarding the same wascollected. A sample data was used since this was an accurate representation of the entirepopulation. It had the characteristics that the report was focused on analyzing. These were motorvehicle occupants’ death rates in the United States. The parameters under investigation in thisreport are occupants’ death rate by age and occupants’ death rate by gender. It will not be easy tocategorize the variables in this data as either dependent or independent. This will only bepossible in the context of various tests that will be conducted in the sections to follow.1.4 Research objectivesi.To establish the rate of accidents in different states of the United States.ii.To identify the common causes of road accidents.iii.To find out whether there is a difference in the number of deaths as a result of accidentsby gender.
Research report4iv.To find out whether there is a difference in the number of deaths as a result of roadaccidents by age groups.1.5 Research questionsi.Is the rate of accidents in the different states the same?ii.Does the number of deaths as a result of road accident differ by gender?iii.Does the number of deaths as a result of road accident differ by age?1.6 Scope of the researchThis report focuses on road accidents caused by motor vehicles. Therefore, the population of thereport is occupants of the motor vehicles by gender and age who die as a result of road accidents.1.7 Significance of the researchAs there has been a gap in information about motor vehicle occupant death rate by gender andage, the results of this study will come in handy in supplying this kind of information to therelevant authority for necessary interventions. The results of this study will also add up to theexisting literature about road accidents in the states thus enriching the existing knowledge aboutroad accidents. This research is obviously having its weaknesses and strong points. Theweaknesses will provoke criticism hence further research by interested parties. This will also goa long way in providing information that has been lacking when it comes to road carnage in thestates. Lastly, this research will be a source of important information to students who arepursuing education in road safety.
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