Role of Education in the Society

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INTRODUCTIONField of study or education plays important role in society which engage different partiesto take effective decision and extract valid outcome in the direction of growth and success. Aneducational leader must possess necessary qualities to have control over students and make themmore focused over learning activities. The concept of gamification shows that game-designthinking to non-gaming applications whereby learners and teachers both can work withcoordination. However, being educational leader, Stephen can focus on gamification as aninnovation in the field of study under which students like to be creative and put their besttowards achieving their career objectives. At this juncture, active learning can be made possiblewith the help of implementation of serious games. This proves to be effective to give the upwarddirection to learning curve of individual and support them to invent new and unique for keepingthe study up. For example, digital nursing students seek for engagement, realism and simulationwhich can be made possible only with the help of gamification under which varied kind oftechnologies can be used to support learning. This is the main reason that serious gamingtechnologies are being added into the course.However, sport management is another important field under which students can bemotivated by using varied tools and technologies related to gamification. Here, focus is laid onengagement of individual for make them understanding related to importance of team work. Thesame concept is also important in the field of sport management whereby different activities canbe aligned together to produce the valid outcome. At the same time, an example of video gamecan be taken under which students come to know about ways to win and defeat other or counterparty. This was made possible only due to association or implementation of digital technologieswhereby sport management can be handled effectively (Johnson and Christopher, 2016).However, gamification can be applied in the study to make the students understand regarding therules and regulations as well as different ways to play the game. It can be critically evaluated thatimplementation of costly digital technologies is a typical task. Similarly, students should also bedigital natives otherwise they cannot cope with changing scenario related to implementation ofnew technologies.Initially, leaner face several issues in learning the technologies along with gamification.This creates need to line up all learning activities and provide appropriate environment to learner

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