Role Of Leader & Manager | Change Management | Effective Communication

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Communication skillsCommunication is an important aspect that aim at developing trust and confidence amongother workers. In order to perform a given job, it requires to have certain set of skills andcapabilities. In this context, communication is highly effective in order to have healthyenvironment in which individuals are able to perform their set of roles in an effective manner(Sommer and Kulkarni, 2012). There are different type of skills and capabilities that individualspossess. When there is effective communication, then it enables to make development in theirown skills through interaction. For example, when any type of information is being conveyed bythe top management, it is not sure that all will be able to understand it. In such situation whenthere is lack of communication, then the rate of confusion is high and the information conveyedmay not be even same. Further, there are conditions in which there are different type of issuesthat are being faced by the workers, that affected the performance and also demotivate. However,with the help of communication, it enables to raise the motivational level of workers and itenables them to make use of their full efforts to support the firm in achieving their goals andobjectives (Baker, Perreault, Reid and Blanchard, 2013). Further, communication enables to actas a source for information with the help of which decisions are taken. There are conditions inwhich individuals face issues in order to work with others. Due to conflicts performance getnegatively affected and one of the main reason for this problem is due to lack of communication. Interpersonal communication can be determined to be the process through whichindividuals are able to exchange their feelings, information and thoughts. This can be verbal, nonverbal. There are three different type of skills that are required in order to have effectivecommunication. With this respect, it includes skills like listening, feedback and questioning.During any form of communication, it is essential to have effective listening skills so that onewill be able to respond to the information that is being delivered by other person. Further, as perthe conversation that take place, it is essential to respond for the same so that involvement can beshown (Fussell and Kreuz, 2014). Further, it is also possible that the information that is beingprovided by an individuals may not be preferred by the listener and in such condition,questioning can be made for the same. It is important for individuals to have these aspects as itenables to have effective communication with others. Within the work place, there are conditionswhen any type of rule that is newly applied, then it requires the manager to convey effectivelyabout it so that employees will be able to accept them. There will be employees who will not1

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