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Role of Nurses in Palliative Care

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Added on  2020-04-21

Role of Nurses in Palliative Care

   Added on 2020-04-21

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Running head: ROLE OF NURSES IN PALLIATIVE CAREROLE OF NURSES IN PALLIATIVE CAREName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
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1ROLE OF NURSES IN PALLIATIVE CARE1.Discuss the roles and responsibilities of the nurse in the practice setting ofCALVARY HEALTH CARE BETHLEHEM (Caulfield)- (Palliative CommunityNursing)The Calvary health Care Bethlehem is recognized for its expertise on two areas. One is thespecialist palliative care service and another one is that it provides a statewide care to thosesuffering with progressive neurological disease (Abel et al., 2012). Palliative care is a type of care that is mainly required by the patients who are seriouslyill and provision of palliative care to those patients can improve the quality of their life. Aserious illness can be tackled properly by the provision of proper palliative care. Palliative carealso helps a patient to understand or to take a decision of their own care. The nurses in thepalliative care should be able to make the patient comfortable and would help them to achievethe best quality of treatment. A proper palliative care can reverse the illness of a patient.Treatment regimen of some serious diseases like cancer, heart or lung disease, come withexcessive pain (Arnold & Boggs, 2015). A proper palliative care can help an individual to copeup with the physical and the mental burden of health due the disease. A palliative care should beable to provide a comfort care to the patient. A palliative care nurses should be able to providehome health aids to the patients. Nurses play an important role in the provision of palliative careto patients (Browning, 2013). Palliative care has to be initiated right from the point of the diagnosis. The nurses whogenerally work in the palliative care unit are specially trained, as they have to deal with complexsymptoms and pain. A palliative care nurse will be able to support the patient in pain, anxiety,
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2ROLE OF NURSES IN PALLIATIVE CAREdepression, fatigue. It is important for a palliative care nurse to look after the conditions likefatigue, respiratory distress, loss of appetite, constipation and several more.A nurse working in the palliative care unit helps out a patient to tolerate the medical treatmentsand also helps the patient to gain more control over their care. Palliative care nurse also increasesthe self efficacy in patients regarding their treatment. The improving patients are sometimescompelled holistically to undertake self management of the disease (Balboni et al., 2012). The nurses in the Calvary health Care in Bethlehem, care for the physical, spiritual andemotional needs of the patient. It can be found from the researches that the Calvary health careare capable of providing a wide range of service to the people which includes bereavementcounseling, nutrition services, music therapy for the patients under palliative care suffering fromdepression and anxiety. It can be found that the nurses in the organization are connected with thesupporting GP and a primary care team. There is a community palliative day care centre, wherethe nurses are entitled to attend the out patients and provide care to them. The nurses are capableof providing a home based care to patient in case of critical conditions (Browning, 2013). Thenurses are often appointed at home for the care of the patient in emergency situations. The nursesof this clinical organization also teach the patients. The nurses in this setting are able to providepalliative care as a service to the inpatients and also at home and in the clinics. The nursesworking under the Calvary care strive to maximize the quality of life of the patients (Balboni etal., 2012). At the Calvary health care Bethlehem, the nurses help the patient with assistivetechnologies. The nurses are friendly and provide companionships and supporting care for thepatients. As per the reports the nurse also extends hands of help to the patient in accomplishing
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3ROLE OF NURSES IN PALLIATIVE CAREtasks like shopping and club activities, which cannot be otherwise attended by the patient alone.In a word the nurses teach the patients to become and live the life independently. The nurses in this health care seting provide services that promote positive ageing andindependence in patients. The nurses in collaboration with the physicians also participate indeciding the home care packages for palliative care, such that it serves the values and the goalsof the requirements. The nurse are responsible for setting up the services, source the needfulproducts. The nurse also helps to make referrals and also helps the patient’s family to prepare theproper budget for the treatment.According to (Balboni et al., 2012) a palliative care nurse should be able to communicatewith the other members of the multidisciplinary team such as the physicians, chaplains, socialworkers. The palliative care nurses in the Calvary health care distinguish from the other nurses asthey have to focus more on the end of life care. A nurse in a palliative care setting should be ableto blend her strengths of medical education and emotions to address the spiritual needs of thepalliative care patients. As discussed by the author Arnold & Boggs, (2015), a palliative nurseshould be able to collaborate in the cultural assessment of the patient in order to provide themwith a care that is culturally sensitive (Peters et al., 2013).It is evident from the sources of websites of Calvary health care, that most of the nursethat has been appointed in this setting are well qualified and are efficiently skilled havingspecific degrees on their field. All the nurses are registered and enrolled, having associatedegree, baccalaureate degree or master's degree level (Arnold & Boggs, 2015). It means that theyare experienced are well aware of the National standards of nursing conduct. It is expected thatthis nurses have suitable knowledge regarding the codes of ethics of nursing.
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