The Role of UK Fashion Industry

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1JOURNALISMFashion journalism is a promising career option for those who are passionate aboutfashion and the trends of the industry. UK fashion industry plays a very important role in theeconomy of the industry. It has been boosting the economy of the country. The country hasproduced some of the best designers of the world, as Burberry, Paul Smith, Temperly London,Stella McCartney all based on London (Bradford2014). The industry has been providingemployment to many people in the industry. UK is the country was people are known for theirclassy dressing style. The country is home to some of the many fashion journalist and bloggers(Boyd2016). In this essay a brief discussion regarding the profession of fashion journalism withrespect to the work of a popular journalist will be analyzed.Liz Jones is a fashion journalist of UK. She started her career as fashion journalist butlater she started writing confessional writings as well. She is one of those journalists who havebeen criticized a lot. People displayed mixed reaction about the journalist. Some appreciate herfor her natural writing while others criticize her for almost all her writings. She was an editor atMarie Claire and currently she writes columns for the Daily Mail. What is disliked by most ofthe readers is the fact that Liz does less of journalism and writing and mostly she criticizes andmakes personal remarks. It is said about her that her remarks are very harsh. There are severalblogs where she has been criticized and her personal life has been discussed (Twigg2016). Theheadings of her articles and blogs are enough to agitate the audience. Before further discussingthe writing style of Liz Jones it is very important to have an idea about fashion journalism.Fashion journalism includes all the aspects of the published fashion media including the writers,reporters, critics. The works are fashion journalists depends largely on the writers. Writing andediting are some of the typical works that are done by the fashion journalists (Boyd 2016). Thewriters mostly write about the big fashion events or shows or any other shows that is concerned
2JOURNALISMwith the style icons. Recently with the popularity of social media, a lot of writers, bloggers andjournalists have entered the industry. Most of the journalists at times take up the role of a fashioncritic and not fashion journalist. Liz has been one of those writers. This particular attribute of thewriter has proved detrimental for her as she has been facing a lot criticism. Comparing Liz withother writers’ one can find that she is not different from them. She is basically similar to theother writers who prefer to criticize (Twigg2016).Liz Jones is one of the writers who do less of journalism and more criticism of thefashion sense of other people. Nothing is peculiar about the style of writing style of Liz Jones.She very much does what most of the writers in the present day do. As far as journalism isconcerned she is far from reporting the real facts (Bradford2014). The golden principle ofjournalism is that the writers are supposed to give less of their personal view unless the writer isa critic. In most of the writings of Liz she was found giving her personal views rather thanreporting the facts. Her remarks were never constructive. There must be very few admirers ofLiz as she is very unpredictable in her writings. Critics believe that the status of her personal lifecan be reflected in the writings. Although it might not be right but it certainly reflects the amountof hatred readers have for her. Within 24 hours of her putting up an article she starts gettingnegative responses which includes mails. It is not that she is hated, there are readers who admireher for her natural writing and straight forward nature that is reflected in the writings (Thurmanet al. 2016).It is true that one should not write to please others as it should come from within and Lizdoes exactly the same. She does not pretend to praise any fashion trend or style icon if she doesnot feel like doing so. This is one positive attribute about Liz. She writes what comes to her mindnaturally (Boyd 2016).
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