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SBM4102 @ Data and Information ManagementDue date:Group/individual:Word count:2500Learning outcomes:[ULO1], [ULO2], [ULO3], [ULO4], [ULO5], [ULO6], [ULO7]Weighting:60%You must work in group (max 3 people) on this assignment.Read the case study below pleaseAustralian Institute of Music is a music college across the Australia. It provides wide ranges ofcourses related to music. The top level management of the college has recently decided tocomputerise the existing paper-based data to a database in order to keep record of all staff, students,courses, etc. Such database will facilitate saving, restoring, and reporting whenever required andreduced paper consumption in the college. The following describes information that is required tosave in the database. Cost of each course is presented in the table below. CourseCostSinging$100Piano$75Vialon$120Guitar$50It should be noted that some courses run for half an hour while others run for an hour. Theminimum course time to teach is 30 minutes.The college also needs to maintain information about teaching staff. For example, it is required torecord which staff teaches which instruments. For example, David teaches singing and piano.Information related to staff includes staff id, name and family, date of birth, phone number,address, and degree. Each staff has a unique ID to ensure easy identification. In addition, information related to students is required to maintain in this database. Students hasname, postal address, date of birth, and contact phone number. Once a student is joined to theUnit of Study Guide: SBM4102, Semester 2, 2017Page 1

college, he or she can enrol in to interested instruments course. The date and time of the course(s)should be recorded, as well as the duration.Furthermore, it is necessary to record which staff member will be taking the course andinstrument the course is defined for. Students pay for their courses once the course is finished. Itis necessary to record the condition for the course payment and the date paid.Another type of information which is required to store is the available instruments in the collegestock. This includes the instrument name, manufacture name, quantity or number of eachinstrument in the stock. The staff may use one or more instrument for teaching purpose. At the end of every month, the staff issues invoice statements. An invoice, which has a uniquenumber, is issued for those students who have one or more unpaid courses in the previous month.An invoice, for example, contains date, student information, and total amount due. YOU NEED TO DO THE FOLLOWINGSPart-1 Entity-relationship data modelYou are required to develop an ER model to represent the information requirements for given case study. Your ER model must:show all necessary entities, attributes and relationshipsshow unique identifiersshow minimum and maximum cardinality.show associative entities, if applicableSome business rules given in the case study may not be clear to you when you read the case study. You may simply make an assumption and then develop your ER model.You are required to write brief definitions for the entities and attributes in your model. For each entity and attribute in your model, write a sentence to describe the meaning of that entity or attribute. What you need to should submitYou should submit a Microsoft Word document containing:A copy of your entity-relationship model.A list of business rules that are apparent from the case study.A list of any assumptions that you made with justifications.Unit of Study Guide: SBM4102, Semester 2, 2017Page 2

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