Financial Analysis of Retail Companies


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ScenarioAs part of a short-term role at an investment company your team manager has askedfor you to look at two companies (potential ideas are listed below) and report back onany potential for investment opportunities. As you want to impress your manager, you are keen to provide a financial statement analysis with broad coverage looking at the strengths and adaptability of each company. This will include an evaluation of internal and external factors on the future prospects for these companies. You intend to cover the most recent three years published accounts for each company and also to compare performance against each other and the sector(s) in general. Select two companies : M& S and Sainsburys (Retailers) Obtain financial statements (full Annual Reports) for these companies for the last three years.Assessment description:A numerical analysis of the performance of one company from a specific industry sector. This involves collecting financial data in relation to the chosen company, calculating financial ratios and providing a brief discussions of findings. 1000 wordsYour analysis should include:A financial analysis that covers the lastthree years; You should calculate 8 to 10 of the ratios that you intend to include in your final report (covering aspects such as Efficiency, Liquidity, Solvency, Investment & Profitability). You should show the formula used (referenced to source) and the workings for all ratios calculated. Remember per ratio you will have 3 years.You should include a copy of your chosen companies statement of comprehensive income ('income statement'), statement of financial position ('balance sheet') and statement of cash flows ('cash flow statement') in an appendix to your assignment.Remember this is a business report, so it should include an introduction and suitable conclusion. These are included in the word count, but appendices arenot. (An executive summary is not required).Your report should be 1,000 words in total (your response will be largely numerical and graphical)
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