Scientific Method, Data Handling & Metrics.

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Scientific Method, Data Handling & Metrics1.Perform the conversions below:12,581 mg = 0.12581 kg5.8 m = 5800 mm2,250 mL = 2.25 L95 cm = 950 mm683 L = 683000 mL6.3 s = 6300 ms12 m = 1200 cm11.8 kg = 11800000 mg2. The hypothesis of this experiment is that use of fertilizer positively impacts the plant growth.3. It can be predicted from the experiment that the use of fertilizer can help plants grow more in comparison to normal watering.4. Water and fertilizer are the experimental variable5. Watering the plant is independent variable6. Growth of plant is dependent variable7. Greenhouse environment is a control group8. Water and fertilizers9. Temperature, amount of sunlight, humidity in the air, and soil quality10.

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