Embracing Community Policing Model


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In my opinion, RNC has indeed adopted a community policing and it has also emerged to fullyembrace as a part of the community policing model. I agree to this framework, as not only theRNC has promoted a philosophy which would help to develop organizational strategies, but ithas also extended in-depth support which is briefly required for the systematic use ofpartnerships along with the swift assessment of the problem-solving techniques (Schanzer,2016). it has also stepped up to build on a framework of the proactively addressing an immediateresolution for quick conditions which would help to bring out a rise to public safety issues andalso help in deterring the crime, social disorder, and fear of crime. It has also integrated the framework, under which the RNC would actually operate. For exampleapart from the following the community policing model, it has also adopted a clean policemanagement that would help and be ready to serve and be able to infuse as a step for thecommunity policing which would an idealistic situation for an agency that would be making acollaborative approach for them and it would help to bring out a challenge that can allowoperating with critical changes and it can adhere to theclimateand culture part. It would alsohelp to build on a leadership and the RNC has also designed a solution for formal labor relationsalong with sensitizing a decentralized decision making and also been made as a part of theaccountability (Tyler, 2014), RNC has also allowed building on the platform which would helpto integrate strategicplanning along with analyzing a policing and procedures, organizational,etc,RNC has also introduced a fairCommunityOrientedPolicing Section also denoted as a (COPS)which would step up and help in building community partnerships that can help to reduce crimealong with adhering an increase safety issues. With the help of the COPS RNC has also1 | Page
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