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This is an Online call Tracing System. This system will trace the calls received
and also the call dialled from the phone. A user need to know, who called him,
although, it may be an unknown number to him. In this system, if a user gets the
call, he will know who called him. This information may be beneficiary. In this
way, user will know his history, and those numbers who does not exists in his list,
can also be viewed by their names. Even if a user want to call an unknown
number, while calling, he will get to know information about the other user he is
calling. This system requires, the user to have account in the system. After
having an account, user can use it, and if anyone unknown calls him, he can get
information like, name and email, if information exists inside the database. Goals
of this system are as follows :-
Database Building A user needs to register first, it is goal as well as
requirement. When a user register, database is updated with his/her record, and
now this record can be used to show others if this user calls them.
Fetching Records – Fetching records to maintain the call logs, who is calling
whom. Whenever user calls other user, a record should be maintained. So that it
can be used to show different outcomes to a user, like whom he called, or
whoever called him, these are the different searches done by different users.
Accessible – This is very strong and main goal of the system. To be user friendly
the system should be able to show data whenever a user searches according to
him. It may be when a user a calls to other user, or when he want to see list
whoever called him.
According to the system, user needs to call to another person in order to know
whom is he calling, or he will check the tab called ‘called by’, regarding the calls
he got in past. These are the two features, mandatory in the system, also for this
whole system a user will need to register him first. So this system mainly
consists of four functionalities. These are -
1. Login
2. Register
3. You Are Called By
4. You Are calling
5. Update
6. Logout
Update and Logout are two additional functionalities given to the user. A user
can update his/her name whenever wishes to. When a user modifies name, this

change will be reflected to the other users also. This means it is real time
update, and prvious data also will show now this new name of the user. This is
done for the clarity that same number in records do not exhibit the different
names. Logout functionality simply log out the user. Coming to the user
requirements of fetching the information of number. This can be done by using
the stored records in database for the user. This is made possible using the
registration of user. When any user register in system, database is updated, and
now database is increased. This number is also available to users for information.
In this manner, it keeps on increasing which can used on different queries
related to user. Now if this number calls other user, they will be able to see
information related to this number in their ‘You Are Called By’ tab. This is how
the user is able to get all information. This system consists of mainly two
datasets. One for user database, and other for call logs. Login, Register and
Update fields uses the user database to create records and maintain/update
records. While ‘You are Called By’, and ‘you are Calling’ uses the call logs
database for real time updation in information.
Users functionality can be made clear by the use case diagram.

The proposed system is highly efficient in catching up the calls and showing the
call details dynamically to the user. The system of this expectation for real time
application can be achieved using the backend services like ‘TWILIO’, these
services can be used by many backend languages. In this system we have used
one of the most popular language PHP. This language combines well with Twilio
How This system works?

When a user register himself, user database is updated with the information
entered. Now this user data is available to the other users also. In this manner it
is an iterative process for updation of database, as users keep on registering the
database keeps on increasing and more number can be found using this
database. PHP fetched the data and provide to TWILIO service to maintain the
record. Then If this caller calls to other number, then this call information is
further extended by TWILIO, to search who was called, and to find his/her
information. Then this call is saved in the database, with the information of
called number and caller number. For the future use. Also, while calling to the
user, if real-time services finds the caller identity, then it is shown to user.
Importance in User-Centred Design
The approach taken for the development of the system, is totally user oriented.
This means, user can fluently resolve his query in the system itself. When a user
calls, our made services fetched the data and shows the number. This may be
the first user approach to see if the service is working for him/her or not. Other
approach taken by user can be the history, call logs can be checked by the user,
which our PHP code fetches and shows to user, with the identity information of
number, which can be of great benefit to the user. In this way a user can perform
his/her different tasks.
Here is the prototype of the proposed system designed in MOCKFLOW. It is an
online tool to develop a wireframe/storyboard/prototype for the proposed
This prototype consists of following screens-
1. SignUp/Register
2. Login
3. Dashboard of User
4. You Are Called By
5. You Are Calling
6. Update
These Storyborad/prototype screens are given here-

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