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Security and Privacy Issues in IoT/Smart Architectures

This document is a template for complying with the required format for assessment five requirements.

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Added on  2022-11-10

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This research paper provides an overview of edge computing in IoT infrastructure and critical research on security and privacy issues faced by IoT devices. It covers various technologies and applications, challenges, and gaps in the literature. The paper identifies the technologies used in IoT and reviews their applications. It also discusses the challenges and security issues related to IoT, such as DDOS attacks, ad-hoc networks, configuration issues, and malware attacks. The paper concludes with future research directions to improve the privacy of IoT networks.

Security and Privacy Issues in IoT/Smart Architectures

This document is a template for complying with the required format for assessment five requirements.

   Added on 2022-11-10

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Abstract- From the last two decades, Internet-of-
Things (IoT) has been used in most industries for
netter performance and growth. It reduces failure
rates in the various fields using user’s experience and
resilience about different services. In addition, edge
computing, based IoT will make huge impacts on IoT
applications. This paper will provide an overview of
edge computing in the IoT infrastructure as well as
other IoT applications. It conducts critical research
on the security and privacy of data, which was
collected by the IoT devices. Besides, edge
computing will improve the performance and
efficiency of the whole systems with a high level of
security and privacy of data and information in
various IoT applications, including smart cities, smart
transportation, smart grid, and many more. This
paper will include all the parameters, which has
related to real-world applications. Thus, Cyber-
Physical Systems (CPS) can use for the security and
privacy of data and information. It will also increase
the response time of the IoT applications. This paper
will analyse the basic need for security and privacy of
data as well as transmission of information. However,
security and privacy issues will face by most of the
applications. There are some various encryption and
decryptions methods available for security and
privacy of the data, which can be used for more
security of devices and their data. Edge computing
provides better security of the data. In addition, this
paper will provide a different level of security at
various layers, such as application, communication,
and actuator layer. CPS will helpful in the security
and privacy of the data from various types of security
attacks, such as malware, viruses, and many more.
Keywords: CPS, IoT, smart cities and so on.
IoT is a technology which delivers a stage for
connecting computing devices and networks with
each other without using human to human
interaction. Recently, the utilization of IoT enabled
devices are growing rapidly and smart city and smart
architectures both are effective applications of the
internet of things where the consumers can control
and handle networks from any location. Security and
privacy both are key issues linked with the IoT
networks that may impact on the performance of
computer networks and physical devices (Abomhara,
& Køien, 2014). The significance of this article is to
evaluate and describe the security related issues faced
by users while accessing IoT networks and identify
the gaps in the recent literature
based on IoT. It is examined thatin the architectures,
the use of IoT is an effective strategy that helps the
consumers for exchanging data over the networks and
devices without requiring any human interaction.
This report will cover various sections, including
relevant technologies and applications, challenges
linked with IoT and many more.
Overview of the technology
Internet of thing is an effective commination
technology which is now used in the business
communities for performing data communication
between the computing devices and networks. In
smart architecture, IoT enabled networks are able to
control and attach numerous plans with each other
and reduce communication problems. Using such
technology the consumers can easily access data and
control computing devices from any location and
reduce the conflicts effectively (Choudhary, & Jain,
2016). It is observed that IoT provide a platform to
connect numbers of devices with each other and
reduce the communication gaps between the
networks and computing devices.
There are major three aspects of IoT technology in
the context of smart architecture, for example,
monitoring systems through remote access,
improving the performance of developed systems and
provide autonomous processes. From the previous
investigation, it is observed that IoT is system which
is used for linking physical expedients with things
using internet connections (Bekara, 2014). A thing in
IoT may be a user with an emotion screen graft and
consumers can easily perform data transmission over
the long distance. Internet of things evolved from
machine to machine communication where
computing devices are connected with each other
using internet connectivity.
In the context of smart architecture IoT networks
effectively control two or more networking devices
and reduce the errors faced by the consumers. It is
Security and privacy issues in the Internet
of Things (IoT) /Smart Architectures
Security and Privacy Issues in IoT/Smart Architectures_1
true that using the internet of things the companies
can enhance their performance and manage entire IT
infrastructure in an appropriate manner. IoT play a
major role in business communities because of their
ability to enhance the effectiveness of computing
devices and servers. Moreover, such kind of
communication technology helps the consumers live
and connect physical devices and things with each
other and reduce communication barriers. Frustaci,
Pace, Aloi, & Fortino, (2017) argued that IoT enabled
networks provides businesses to perform real-time
communication with computing networks and things
without using human to human interaction.
Relevant technologies and their applications
It is identified that the IoT is an advanced
communication technology which helps the
consumers for performing data communication
activities effectively. In order to control and provide
proper communication over the networks the IoT
networks include numerous technologies which are
described below along with their applications:
Wireless networks
It is the effective technologies used in the IoT
networks for performing data communication
between two or more devices and reduce the
communication gaps. With the help of wireless
networks, IoT can easily connect numbers of devices
without using any connecting cable. The key role of a
wireless is that it provides data transmission over the
servers and systems using network protocols and
communication channels (Hossain, Fotouhi, &
Hasan, 2015).
For communication purpose
Connecting two or more devices with each
In telecommunication systems
Wi-Fi innovation
It is a pushed version of Bluetooth that can send and
get data from one device to others. Principally, it is
included in the companies and business communities
for exchanging data between the networks (Khan, &
Salah, 2018). It is seen that Wi-Fi is characterized as
the remote systems administration convention which
enables PC and cell phones to interconnect with
utilizing web availability. It is an industry term which
speaks to a sort of remote neighbourhood innovation
base on the 802.11 IEEE arranges models.
There are a few focal points of this innovation, for
example, increasingly simple to interface and
comprehend, solid, successful instead of Bluetooth
can be utilized for long separation, enormous
information speed, etc. It is examined the security of
this IoT organize innovation is exceptionally less and
purchasers can be lost their private subtleties while
associating with unauthentic systems and servers
(Ngu, et al., 2016).
For home systems
Wireless hotspot innovation
For trading data
Long separation correspondence
Home applications
It is branded as the open IoT communication which is
related to a standard network engineering using the
OSI (Frustaci, Pace, Aloi, & Fortino, 2017). Such IoT
technology is simple and straightforward for
actualizing and requires less capability to work. In
addition, this sort of IoT innovation furnishes
adaptability to accomplish more with the dependable
remote execution.
There are following utilization of Zigbee remote
Wireless home computerization
Controlling and observing PC
Industrial computerization
Smart resource following
Smart framework checking
It is the best technology used for data communication
and involves in the IoT networks. It is argue that
Wimex is the best technology which may be used in
the long distance communication and reduce
communication gaps appropriately (Mahmoud,
Yousuf, Aloul, & Zualkernan, 2015). Ongoing
examination distinguished that the expense of Wimax
innovation depends on the separation among
transmitter and recipient and it is one of the
adaptations of 4G IoT system that improves the
adaptability of systems (Matharu, Upadhyay, &
Chaudhary, 2014).
Connectivity for SMBs
Winmax backhaul
For associating at least two gadgets
Private systems
Security and Privacy Issues in IoT/Smart Architectures_2

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