Cybersecurity Expert's Dilemma


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Security expert identifies failure insoftware, gets into trouble1.When we discuss the common thing in a part of the cyber world, publicly accessible websites have both advantages and disadvantages. When any of the security experts try to break in the public network and analyze the flaws of open sites, he can find lots of major concerns withthose open sites. As Patrick Webster did with First State Super, he tried to breach the security of First State. Although the intentions of whistleblower were not bad, he only wants to warn the company regarding the security issue of the website. For such, security expert should be listeningabout the issues and overcome those issues by working together will be a better option.2.The open sites of the Internet make it vital for organizations to concentrate on the security of their framework, as organizations move their business operations into the publicly accessible networks, they should be cautious with their website security. As we can see in this case where First State Security was notified by the Patrick and instead of various notifications, they were not taking this seriously. Information should never be made public as doing that will be the cyber law and any individual doing that will be treated under cybercrime act. Instead of making information public, same can be notified to the cyber crime team. 3.Sadly, retaliation against the security experts who blow the whistle on the issues of digital security is exceptionally normal. However, there are state and government laws that give legitimate security and financial motivating forces for Digital Whistleblowers or cyber experts. The Cyber Security Whistleblower Protection Manual gives them subtle elements on key legitimate cases and government Whistleblower Award programs that might be accessible to you. These programs will not only help these cyber experts in finding the vulnerability in the
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