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Reflective practice is the ability to reflect on one's actions so as to engage in aprocess of continuous learning (Stein & Grant, 2014). In this essay, I will provide a briefreflection on the learning I have acquired from the courses I have taken. I will evaluatethe positive and negative experiences which impacts on my practice of learning.Further, the strategies I developed so that the negative situations can be eliminateeffectively and efficiently.I have begun my learning from the course work presented to me. The project wasmeant to be done in group. So I have formulated my group accordingly. In beginning, Ihave faced many difficulties while coordinating with team. There were many issueswhich diminishes the performance and leads to conflicts. After, establishing bondingwith other team members, I have increased and improved my performance efficiently(Asselin & Fain, 2013). In order to improve my bonding with team members, I havemade communication with them and started interacting them. With the help of ABCDmodel I have acquired information about their attitude, beliefs, context and decisionmaking process. With the help of this I was able to accomplish my set goals anddetermined targets effectively and efficiently. Thus, it implies that with the help ofeffective team work, I was able to achieve my objectives timely.The positive experience I have faced was working in team in order to accomplishthe set goals and targets. This leads to increase in team bonding and friendship andalso increases the interpersonal skills in me. Another positive experience I acquired wasincrease in the level of my knowledge and learnings with effective learning practicesand experiences. It is very important form me to have positive experience as it leads toeffective growth and development. Further, I have improved level of my education andknowledge level by working in group. Thus, it implies that team work is very essential inorder to accomplish any project or presentations. The negative experiences include casual disputes in teams while conducting theproject activities. The members were not coordinating with each other at the beginning,which leads to wastage of time and inefficiencies in completing the project. Further, theacademic skills in me was not efficient enough to cope up with the learning experiences.I faced difficulties and issues while having the lessons. Moreover, the group members1
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