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Send the exported eclipse project by end of Friday, June 24,2016.1.Create a Category enum with Computer, Language, Math,Science, Engineering in package com.comp424.enumdef2.Use Java Generics to create IPersistentObject interface in parameter IDExtends from Serializablevoid : setID(ID)ID : getID()3.Refactor Course classCategory : category.Boolean : isExpiredCourse : replacementCourse4.Refactor Book classCategory : category.5.Refactor Person class.Extract Address class to its own file. Address class remains inthe same package.Remove name attribute and its getter and setter.Add attribute lastName and FirstName and theircorresponding getters and settersRemove phoneNumber;Add attribute mobile and homePhone and their correspondinggetters and setters6.Refactor Location.Rename Location to LabRoom
Remove all attributes and their getters and setters exceptroomNumberExtends from Address classAdd Integer : capacity7.Remove EnrollmentPolicy class and from Person class.8.Refactor Book, Course, LabRoom, Person to implementIPersistentObject with Long parameter.9.Use Java Generics to create base DAO interface in the packagecom.comp424.intf.daoInterface Name is IBaseDaoContains parameters T and ID.Contains the following methods:getAll() - return a list of object of specific typefindByID(ID id) - return an object of specific typepersist(T t) – persist a new object.update(T t) – update an existing object in persistent storedeleteByID(ID id) – delete an objectdelete(T t)All methods can throw Exception10.Using IBaseDao to create the DAO interface for the specific typeCourse, Book, LabRoom, Person in the packagecom.comp424.intf.dao. All interfaces use Long as ID. Name eachfile as I<Type>Dao. For eg., ICourseDao. Refer to the followingsteps for further instructions11.ICourseDao contains the following methods:Course : findByName(String)Course : findByCode(String)
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