PSY111 Sense of Uncontrollability and Unpredictability

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PSYCHOLOGY 2Part 1Task 1Biopsychosocial model asserts that health and illness are determined by a dynamic interaction between biological, social and psychological factors [ CITATION Kev11 \l 2057 ]. Based on this model, it is the interaction of these factors which lead to a particular health or illness outcome. For pain to occur in one’s body, it means that a damage has occurred somewhere in his body and this damage can be influenced by different factors. From this model, it is clear that the difference in level of pain which people experience is influenced by different factors which impact it. This model can be used to help human beings understand that the happiness they have is not from pleasure, but from rest from pain.Task 2Findings From various studies conducted in the past have shown close relationship between stress and pain. Stress is defined as a sense of uncontrollability and unpredictability which arise as a result of several factors which human beings undergo in their day to day activities [ CITATION Car12 \l 2057 ]. While stress can be helpful in some occasions, like for example in challenging work environment, it can also be detrimental on other factors like for example in dealing with pain. Recent research indicates that stress dramatically decreases theability of the body to control pain. When one is stressed, the muscles tense up. When this happens, the ability of the body to respond to pain is usually impacted [ CITATION Ala11 \l 2057 ]. When the body musclesare taut and tense for a long period of time, other reactions are triggered. Sometimes these reactions lead to illnesses which may increase the pain. Because pain is usually regulated by the nervous system, the brain becomes the key player on how people perceive what they
PSYCHOLOGY 3experience in their bodies. This means when one is stressed, the ability of the brain to filter pain signals is usually negatively influenced and this may lead to increase in pain. In some cases, Stress in the body lead to raise in blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and muscle tension. Abnormalities in these activities reduce the ability to modulate pain and this is the reason why pain increases with increase with the level of stress [ CITATION Min15 \l 2057 ]. Increase in Stress also worsen pain through impacting sleep, mood and pain threshold. Because stress triggers pain, one of the strategies which can be used to attain pain relief is coming up with strategies of how to manage stress effectively.Task 3Telling someone that ‘your pain is in his head’ can make the person enter in a situation which can significantly increase the level of the pain. This phrase can only be understood by people who knows the relationship between the function of the brain and pain, and if used for people who do not understand this, it can make them develop stress which canin turn lead to an increase on the level of pain. Although the brain, which is in the “head” is the one which give perception towards pain, this can be hardly understood by someone who is in pain [ CITATION Pet13 \l 2057 ]. In most cases, people in chronic pain views this as a hurtful and biting phrase which should not be applied on situations of pain because it worsensthe condition in some people especially those who do not understand what it means. Some of them find the phrase not realistic because they feel that they only experience the pain where there is a problem.

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