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Stress and Its Effect Assignment 2022

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Added on  2022-10-11

Stress and Its Effect Assignment 2022

   Added on 2022-10-11

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Stress  and Its Effect  Assignment  2022_1
Introduction to stress
Stress is an emotional and
physical tension that has
serious effects on health.
stress may come from any
thought that can evoke
feelings of frustration,
nervous and anger (Fisher,
2015). Common symptoms
include low energy and
frequent headache.
Figure : 1
Source: ("Stress and Heart
Stress  and Its Effect  Assignment  2022_2
Symptoms of
1. Low energy: A person experiencing stress
feels less motivated in activity engagement.
2. Nausea or constipation: Stress triggers
emotion of anxiety which results in stomach
pain and upset stomach.
3. Headaches: Stress can also result into mild to
severe headaches.
4. Aches and pains: Stress often evokes the
feeling of pain in muscles (Goswami, 2015).
5. Insomnia: Poor sleeping habit develops in
stressed person. Anxiety and depression may
also develop due to stress and eventually
lead to difficulty in sleeping.
Figure 2: stress
Source: ("Work-related
stress: Are you a victim?",
Stress  and Its Effect  Assignment  2022_3

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