Design and Implementation of a Secure Server Network for GAMMA Enterprise, UK


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Server AdministrationDesign and Implementation of a Secure Server Network. This ICA involves designing and implementing an Internet-connected secure servernetwork for a medium sized company named GAMMA Enterprise, UK. They want toimplement a secure network that uses Class C network address with four subnets –server subnet and three LAN subnets and has approached you. They have asked you fora price quote as well. But they want to see a virtual machine implementation andsimulation results before they commit to purchase anything. You can use Virtual Machines as in the figure below for the implementation and thesecurity attacks. The server network should consist of two servers, i.e. Windows2008/2012 and Linux (Ubuntu or others). They should each be connected to oneworkstation each, i.e. Windows Server to Windows client and Linux Server to Linuxclient and each of the workstation denotes a different LAN. Write a report with the appropriate details (4500 words max, but flexible) documentingall that you have done including how the servers are setup, how they are tested andhow the attacks are done to them along with countermeasures. Use the five tasks belowas a guideline to write. Figure: Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager Please do the following tasks:

1.Subnet a class C private network address with subnet mask /24 (you can chooseany) using VLSM (variable length subnet mask) into four subnets as follows: Theserver network with a provision of 15 computers should be considered eventhough we are using only two servers. Each of the LAN subnets should have 20,40 and 60 computers respectively. Show the network address, first usable IP, lastusable IP and broadcast address for each subnet. (5 marks) 2.Using the Virtual Machines, configure the two physical servers namely Windows2008/2012 and Ubuntu (or others), with the following: (1) DNS server (2) DHCPserver (3) Web server (4) Email server (5) FTP server. Using the clientcomputers each of these five servers should be tested to see that it worksproperly. Capture the appropriate screen shots or illustrate that throughcommands and output screens. Draw a simple network or workflow diagram ofyour network, with the five different server implementations on each of the twophysical servers along with the two LANs, connected to the Internet. (20 marks) HINTS: DNS Server: Show that the gammaenterprise.com (or similar) domain name isconfigured and that the clients could join it. Configure it as a primary server,possibly adding reverse look up zone and resource records. Create some usersand login into the domain. Test what was implemented. DHCP Server: Show the dynamic IP address assignment with an address poolalong with the evidence of clients receiving dynamic IP. NOTE: If the networkdoes not allow two DHCP servers at one time (which should be the case),please disable one when you test. Web server: Configure IIS and Apache withweb address www.gammaenterprise.com (or similar) can be accessed from the web clients.Test the webserver with a sample webpage being accessed from clients. Email Server: Make sure you have an email client that could send and receiveemails through the SMTP server that is configured with email address likeuser@ gammaenterprise.com(or similar). FTP Server: You can show how files could be uploaded and downloaded to andfrom the FTP server using the FTP client tools or through command prompt. 3.Implement at least five security attacks on these servers through Kali Linux orother independent tools and suggest countermeasures to stop them. Illustratethe attacks through commands or using GUI tools. Capture the attacks throughscreen shots. (10 marks) 4.You can try to implement the same network using the Riverbed Modeleracademic edition simulation tool and work on to get some output graphs ontraffic received, traffic sent, delay, packets dropped, etc. as the server and clientscommunicate. See notes at the end (10 marks)

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