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Several Perspective of the Human Resource Management

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Added on  2020-02-17

Several Perspective of the Human Resource Management

   Added on 2020-02-17

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Table of contents
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Introduction:Over the last few decades, the human resource management has become a very popular term intop managerial approaches. It is usually aimed to settle an order in the employment relationshipwithin any organization to ensure that the employees’ efforts remains strategically in focus inorder to achieve superior quality organizational and individual performances. In the recent times,all of the organization is now paying attention to the bonding between the employees and HRpractices so an effective organizational performance can be achieved. This assignment isintended to describe HRM as the approaches to manage the human resource in Unilever.Task 1: LO11.1Guests model of HRM:Guest’s model generally focuses on the differentiation between the compliances andcommitments. According to this model, planning in Unilever must involve a pursuit forenhancing the venture through integration and utilization of the human resource forimplementing their unique capabilities in the work. As opined by Cascio (2012), Guests modeldepicts 6 different dimensions of the analysis that are Human Resource Management strategy,the HRM outcomes, Human Resource Management practices, outcomes of performance,outcomes depicting financial matters and behavioral outcomes. The model focuses on theassumption that the processes of HRM are not ideal to the traditional process of personnelmanagement. This model implicitly embodies on a belief that the fundamental elements thatHRM approach like commitment, which is directly related with different consequences ofbusiness. The Guest model argues that the HRM in the Unilever must be involved the designingpractices and policies of the business for achieving some outcomes like high commitment fromthe employee, strategic integration in the organization, high level of flexibilityand adaptabilityfor the workforce and a quality workforce for organization. Strategic integration assured that thebusiness plan of the organization isimplemented through the properly designed policies andpractices of the HR (Stone, 2013).
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Implementation and formulation of policy for change describeestablishments of the HR policyfor identifying the nature of the change that is necessary for any business to manage the change.Training and development and employee appraisal involves both formal and informal evaluationof the performances of employee and the necessity for training and development. After theevaluation of all these, it is important to place the policy in order to maintain effectivedevelopment and training of the employee. In this process, effective communication is verymuch important because effective communication can helps any organization to maintain two-way flow of the message between the employees and management. According to Huselid (2011), the four outcome that has been proposed by Guest suggests thatHRM is helpful in achieving an outcome within any organization for example the capability tosolve of any stronger problems, achieving job performances of higher level, improve the costeffectiveness and increase the consistency while achieving the strategic goals. It has beendemonstrated by Guests that the above outcomes can be easily achieved by integrating thecoherent strategy of any organization into the business strategy of the same. To identify thehuman resources as well as organizational outcomes, it is important for the Unilever toimplement some policies regarding Recruitment, socialization and selectionTraining, development and appraisalFlows of the laborCommunication system in the organizationJob and organizational designFormulation, Management and implementation of the changeIf Unilever implement those strategies then human resource outcome can be effectivecommitment, quality, flexibility or adaptability and strategic planning. On the other hand,organizational outcome can be low turnover, low absence, high level of problem solving, highlevel of job performance by employees, low grievance level among employees and high costeffectiveness.
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