Show the ER diagram for your database.

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Show the ER diagram for your database. There should be at least 4 entities with their relations. Clearly describe and explain all the symbols you use for your ER diagram.OrganisationOrganisationId - Unique Id for each organisationOrganisationName - Name of the organisationOrganisationAddress - Address of the organisationOrganisationContact - Contact Number of organisationOrganisationDescription - Organisation descriptionOrganisationStatus - Status of the organisation like active or non-active to take donation further Donor
DonorId - Unique Id for each donorDonorName - Name of the donorDonorEmail - Email of the donor to send emailDonorContact - Contact number of donorDonorAddress - Address of the donorDonationDonationId - Unique Id for each donation madeDonorId - Donor Id who made the donationOrganisationId - Organisation Id for which donation is madeDonationAmount - Donation amount donated by donorDonationDate - Donation date on which donation is madeIsAnonymous - Yes, if donor wants to be anonymous else noThankyouLetterStatus - Sent, if mail has been sent to donor else penidngDonationAmountOrganisationId - Organisation Id for which data is storedTotalAmountReceived - Total donation received by the organisationTotalAmountTransferred - Total donation transferred by DonationDollar by nowTotalAmountPending - Total donation pending to be transferred by DonationDollarDonationDollarFees - Fees earned by DonationDollar till nowShow the corresponding Relational ModelOrganisation

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