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Running head: SIGMUND FREUD VS. ERIC ERIKSONSigmund Freud Vs Eric EriksonName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
2SIGMUND FREUD VS ERIC ERICKSONIntroductionSigmund Freud was Austrian neurologist. He was known as the founder ofpsychoanalysis which is a method to treatment of psychopathology. This method iscarried out through conversation with psychoanalyst.Freud believed that human beings are animals and we are born with somebiological needs. Social need is those that we have developed over time period butbiological need is something that we always had from the beginning of human race(Barry et al., 2017).He tried to explain how does the unconscious mind work and what are itsimportance. He tells us that unconscious minds dictate the behaviour of a person at ahigher level than we actually believe. According to Freud through psychoanalysis ifthe unconscious mind can be made conscious then the problem faced by the patientcan be resolved.Freud believed that when a child takes birth there is an amount of sexual urgeis present within him. Throughout his period of childhood the child derives pleasurefrom different things. The childhood been divided into five Parts by Freud.
Sigmund Freud Vs Eric EriksonBodyHe mentioned that the first six years of childhood is very important. He statesthat between these six years a child goes through three stages, the oral stage, the analstage and the phallic stage. During these three stages the pleasure centres for childchanges, the first being the oral, the second is anal stage and the third is phallic stage.During these stages the centre of pleasure deriving areas revolves between the mouth,anal and the genitals (Capps,2017).He also explained Electra complex, during the childhood phase there is a timewhen a child finds that what is opposite sex and with the understanding changes theliking towards his or her parents. In case of a boy, he desires to replace his father asthe sexual partner and in case of a girl she becomes jealous of her mother and wants
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