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Running head: SITUATIONAL ANALYSISSituational AnalysisName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1SITUATIONAL ANALYSISNewsletter is a part of effectual business communication. Each company requirescommunicating with its audience if there is anything disturbing happening with the brand image,the organization requires developing a newsletter for necessary communication. A well plannedcommunication theory not only defines the targeted audience, but it also focuses on reachingthem in an effective way. The main purpose of developing this communication plan is topromote the organization and further increase the revenues and communicating externally withthe target customer base.This newsletter has been developed as Coles required communicating with its targetcustomer base regarding the recent outbreak of anger on the social media sites. In the summermonths, the Australians are being affected by the salmonella bacteria which are possibly comingfrom the eggs. The experts have stated that the eggs in the supermarkets are supposed to be keptunder seven degrees of temperature, not in the warm shelves (Australian Grocery Stores AreArguing on Twitter About Whether or Not to Refrigerate Eggs, 2017). They have also indicatedto the rising rate of salmonella bacteria affected patients in the hospitals. All these news has alsogiven rise to the recent breakout on the social media sites where customers have posted adversethings on the official page of Coles and it further turned out to be worse. Therefore, through thisnewsletter, the organization will reach its customers and the company will clarify the issues in amore transparent way.The audience of the newsletter is the general targeted customer base of Coles who aretechnologically advanced and are well aware of the recent issues regarding the quality of theproduct quality. The main purpose of reaching them with this newsletter is that the companywould not be able to take such adverse situations which are continuously affecting its brandimage. Therefore through this external communicating method, Coles will be able to reach its
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