SITXWHS003: Implement and Monitor Work Health and Safety

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Task 1Potential hazardWho is at risk?Existing control measuresPreventative measuresResponsibilitiesThe ‘Fire Exit signson the exit doors have almost lost theglow propertiesAll staff members and customersThe ‘Fire Exit’ signs had been placed as visual indicators to get to safety in case there was a fire in the premise. Currently, the glow signsThe Staff supervisor has requested the manager to get an approval from higher management and sendacross the request to Finance teamfor release of funds to Purchase dept. to procure new glow signs.a.The employees are given mock drills to assist them in acting appropriately in cases of emergenciesb.Map of all the exits on the floor picture is placed on wall where it is easily visible in various places to refer to in interimc.All employees are reminded of their roles and responsibilities and safety actions that could be taken during a mishap or after periodicallyTables’ layout is clumsy and there is narrow walking space in cafeAll the customers using the café and thestaff members working in the cafeThe tables have been spaced out to accommodate the café area. Larger tables are on a separate section and smaller two seater coffee tables in another section toavoid guests stumbling on to eachother. Sides of the tables are mostly round so that no sharp corners are there.The staff supervisor has forwardedthe request to manager and MD to rearrange the seating arrangementand increase the walking area. This is possible only through renovation.a.The staff has been advised to be cautious when working in narrow spaces and not bumpinto furnitures or guests to hurt themselves.Using the newly procured cappuccino machine untrainedStaff using it, staff working in café area and Currently, the machine trainingis pending and usage is preventeda.The staff has been asked to notto operate the cappuccino machineb.The company representative has been scheduled to arrive a.The staff is responsible for their own safety and safetyof premises as well the customers.
customersfor a demo and consequent trainingc.Equipments with potential hazard of extremely high temperatures or yielding food items which are very hot need to be dealt with caution and WHS training has been planned around thisd.Equipment checking methods for signs of breakage, leakage etc. could be checked before operating itWithout proper machine handling training, a mishap could occur. The staff supervisor must monitor that the instructions are followedSpills near cleaningarea on floorAll staff members working in the cleaningareaSignboards have been providedto staff to place on floor if thereis a spill to make others awarethat the region was not safe towalk on till it was cleaned, incases of spill on floora.Training has been provided to staff on safety procedures to be followed in cases of spillb.The usage of correct substances to clean for different types of spillsc.Keep the safety signboards accessible and nearby cleaning areas so that anyone could use them to warn othersd.

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