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SITXWHS003 – Implement and monitor work health and safety practices
Q1: List five examples of the type of health, safety and security information that you must
provide to staff in your workplace.
In this, the first example is associated with the location of first aid kit and the emergency
evacuation plan which is within the workplace for the safety and security of employees.
Others the use of hazard identification documentation is also an essential factor in the
workplace whereas the measurement of risk assessment template is also necessary.
In this, the safety and security policies and procedures are also taken into accountability
for the safety and security information that provide to staff in the workplace.
Moreover, the proper code of practices is used to regulated with the specific regulations
is also a vital part in the workplace.
Work health and safety training data, information is shared with the staff within the
workplace and provide proper update towards the training information.
Q2: List four things an employer must do in regards to their duty of care.
Provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the working which must be
enlist for the employer regards with the duty of care.
Moreover, provide and maintain safe environment for the working system that reduce the
issues and increase the duty of care.
In this, ensure that the handling and storage are completed with the safe process and
transport of plant and products are must be safe and without any cause of health risk.
In this, some of the case is required personal protective equipment for the lifting harness,
required back support braces, gloves, and many more.
Q3: What are the employee’s duties and obligations as defined by law?
In this, the employees’ duties and obligations which is defined by law is that they take
reasonable care for their health and safety. Whereas, they also take reasonable care for health and
safety towards the others and provide appropriate behaviour to reduce the risk and promote the
wellbeing and resilience within the workplace. Moreover, comply with any reasonable
instruction policies and procedures which is given by employers is also aspect that follow the
duties and obligation of the employees within the workplace. It is mandatory for the employees
to behave in such an aspect which is favourable for the workplace and fulfill the role and
responsibilities by following the proper code of practices and code of conduct. In this, the
employees must focus on their responsibilities and duties in the ethical way to achieve the
objective of organisation with concern to their health and safety.
Q4: List three potential consequences of not following WHS policies and procedures.
As an employee the high risk of illness and injury in the workplace is evaluated.
As a supervisor of organisation, the chances of heavy fines and even imprisonment
should apply.

With this, the company get huge loss of finance, reputation and sometime the company
might be getting collapse.
Q5: List four ways you can make current work health and safety information readily accessible
to staff.
In order to make accessibility to the staff and basically include work health safety as the
part of induction procedures that is required in the workplace.
Moreover, promote health and safety and security inspection and monitoring with the
help of hazards identification part as a routine.
Display safety posters and signs within the walls and near machinery which require
safety handling.
Develop work health and safety training to all the employees to update their skills and
Q1: What three things must you monitor when checking for staff compliance with WHS
Monitor the staff using appropriate protective equipment and clothing.
In this, monitor that the staff is keeping cash and maintain the register all the time with
safely manner.
Moreover, the staff identify and reduce the chances of hazards in the immediate way.
Q2: List four WHS policies or procedures commonly used by organisations to manage work
health, safety and security.
In this, the incident and accident reporting.
Moreover, the second one is hazard identification and documentation.
The third identified work health and safety policies or procedure is risk assessment, risk
control and procedures for the reporting.
Last one is security procedures relating to cash documentation and people.
Q3: List three safe work practices that might apply to a tour desk attendant.
Keep the cash and register which is recorded at the documentation of cash secure all the
Moreover, use safe gesture and posture when move towards any object for standing and
bending themselves.
In this, always take a short break from the repetitive task to reduce the stress which is
occur due to the repetitive procedures.
Q4: List four questions you can ask to help you monitor compliance with safe work practices.

What is the necessary risk which is happen in the workplace sites?
What are the monitoring inspection technique is used to identify the hazards?
Is worker or the employee is using personal protective equipment on the regular basis or
what are the cleaning and sanitizing process within the workplace to promote the
infection control?
Q5: What should you do when you identify an issue of non-compliance with work health and
safety procedures and safe work practices?
In such cases, the first step is to stop the worker from performing the work tasks. Then, the
second step which is taken under such circumstances that call together the worker and other
associated worker in the area of auditorium to discuss and reinforce the safe environment with
the help of safe work procedures and provide information regarding with the task which is
carried out safely.
Q6: Why is it important to maintain close contact with day-to-day operations?
It is very essential to know the day-to-day operations in order to understand the organisation
efficiency and effectiveness that is based on the service levels on an ongoing basis to the close
contact the monitoring and services will be enhanced and improvement. It will be regulated
when the close contact with day-to-day operations is focused.
Q1: Why is it important to consult with staff about health, safety and security issues?
It is essential to consult with staff about health and safety and security issues in order to know
the importance and reasons behind the health and safety security, that is accessible to minimise
the risk of accident in the workplace.
Q2: List five ways you can consult with staff and provide them the opportunity to contribute
their views on current and future work health and safety management practices.
Regular staff meeting.
Suggestion box used by staff.
Formal meeting on agenda.
Staff handbook which includes work health and safety data and information.
Use of survey and questionnaires
Q3: List five situations when you are legally required to take a systematic approach to WHS
Before the premises are used for the first time.

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