SITXHRM501 Recruit, Select And Induct Staff - Assignment

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SITXHRM501 Recruit, Select And Induct Staff - Assignment

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Implement and monitor work health and safety practices
SITXHRM501 Recruit, Select And Induct Staff - Assignment_1
.SECTION 1: PROVIDE INFORMATION ON HEALTH, SAFETYAND SECURITYQ1:List five examples of the type of health, safety and security information that youmust provide to staff. Provide information on the maintenance of safe workplace, equipment, and machinery.Provide information on training on health and safety.Provide information on wearing protective clothing and other work equipment. Also provide information about the procedures for discipline and dismissalQ2:List four things an employer must do in regards to their duty of care.Providing and maintaining a safe work environment which has safe plant and equipment.Ensure that the staff is properly instructed and trained in health and safety.Ensures that there is provision of protective clothing and equipment to the workersQ3:What are the employee’s duties and obligations as defined by law?To take steps to protect themselves and others in the workplace.To restrain from inappropriate behavior to avoid endangering other workersTo report cases of defects in the plant of equipment which might hinder health andsafety.Avoiding working under the influence of substances to avoid putting others in dangerQ4:List three potential consequences of not following WHS policies and procedures.These include:
SITXHRM501 Recruit, Select And Induct Staff - Assignment_2
Category 1: this is the highest penalty as provided by WHS or the ES act. It covers the mostserious breaches in which there is reckless endangering of other peoples' lives by the dutyholder.Category 2: there is exposure of an individual to the risk of death, illness or serious injury due tolack of compliance with health and safety duty or electrical safety duty. Category 3: lack of compliance with health and safety duty or electrical safety duty. Q5:List four ways you can make current work health and safety information readilyaccessible to staff.These include:Communicating readings\Meeting attendanceThrough contacting the WHS UnitThrough access to online resources, for instance, WHS internet siteHolding discussions with supervisors, colleagues or workplace advisory committeerepresentativesSECTION 2: Monitor safe work practicesQ6:What three things must you monitor when checking for staff compliance with WHSmatters?The register of all injuriesThe incident reportsThe first aid register
SITXHRM501 Recruit, Select And Induct Staff - Assignment_3
Q7:List four WHS policies or procedures commonly used by organisations to managework health, safety and security.Ways of reducing or minimizing risks and hazards.Identification of hazards and risksProcedures followed in dealing with illness and compensation. Q8:List three safe work practices that might apply to a tour desk attendant.Work practices which are safeJob procedures which are safeProper training plansQ9:List four questions you can ask to help you monitor compliance with safe workpractices.What actions the firms need to take? What are strategies for solving issues? What are the procedures for notifying serious incidents?What are the right arrangements for consultation? Q10:What should you do when you identify an issue of non-compliance with work healthand safety procedures and safe work practices?The initial step would be to document the issues.Allow reasonable period to solve the issue.Prevent instances happening again.Follow up and ensure that there are no more compliant issues.Report the non-compliance to the appropriate organizational authorities. Q11:Why is it important to maintain close contact with day-to-day operations?
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