Report on SWOT analysis of Led Bury

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Small Business Enterprise
INTRODUCTIONTo grow an economy, a small business plays an important roles which helps the countryto upgrade economy in an effective manner. Small business enterprises is a small scale firmwhich is looking to craft enhancement in the firm activities as per the objectives. In the existingscenario, small business enterprises are accountable for getting the innovation and competitionfor diverse economic sectors of UK and rest of the world (Ainin and et. al., 2015). In this report,SWOT analysis would renders information about the small enterprises firm Led Bury whichoffers food and beverages to their local consumers. This would explains the theories for measurefirm's performance and renders the recommendation and justification to overcome theweaknesses. This report will also emphasis about how to establish changes and emerge the reportto determine the performance.TASK 11.1 Profile of Ledbury for identifying its strengths and weaknessesLed Bury is the crucial dinning restaurant brands in the entire UK, which offers highquality foods and services in order to gain the customer satisfaction. The firm's performance islargely affected by the external and internal factors. The internal factors of the firm are: qualityof foods and supply chain management and external factors are the political, environmentalconditions influences the performance of the firm. Led Bury would concentrates on the customersatisfaction by rendering the quality taste and foods to their consumers which they are offering.Which is the firm's strength.Chef Bret Graham is the most renowned personality which likewise adds the qualitysatisfaction to its consumers which is its strength. Quick services of food and serving is the mostbeneficial part of the company as it availing consumer satisfaction, As each organisation containsome weakness in itself the Led Bury have also (Blackburn, Hart and Wainwright, 2013). Mainweakness of the company is shirt menu of restaurants which limit users of service of theproducts. Company is aiming to expand their business but the financial obstruction is restrainingits growth as well. However, they require to maintain the inheritance along with the accessibleservices and products. 1
1.2 Analysis of the business using comparative measures of performanceThe restaurants performance can be scaled with the help of measuring their service andfood quality which the organisation is offering. After the joining of Chef Brett Graham, theorganisation is gaining benefits in UK. On the grounds of sales of service, the benefit orperformance can analyse. Also the worker motivation, consumer satisfaction, flexibility andother cost indicator helps in the scaling overall, business of the company. In the food industry,one of the most essential aspect is satisfaction of clients which is required to managed by thecompany. The benefit in finance in can be measured with the performance measurements becausethe company's financial situation is better as the organisation have been able to create a goodpositioning of the organisation among consumer (Bridge and O'Neill, 2012). The administrationdepartment of Led Bury is planning to deploy business but in the other hand the comparativeperformance just engaged in providing quality. This is a good indicator which can be scaled withthe better performance of worker. Hence, the HRM is organising the efficacy of businessorganisation that can be more effective. Company is measuring the criteria of their business forthe purpose of expansion of business. Both of used approaches are effective and efficient relatively that can assist Led Bury inemphasising their food and service quality in more significant manner. Performancemeasurement whereas can assist in enhance the working quality of organisational employeesemphasising over their skills and qualities. On the other hand, consumer satisfaction andmotivation can aid in attaining the business objectives and aims in more significant manner.Thus, it can claimed that there are numerous use of performance measurement are assisting inmore adequate manner.Profit and Loss Account(30 April 2016 and 30 April 2017)2016£2017£Sales250300Cost of Sales200200Gross Profit50100Overheads30502

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