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Snow deal have to use a niche marketconcept that support them in transactionwith specific market portion. Niche tourismstates that particular products which isadequate to reach the actual needs andwants in the marketplace. Also theyrequired to attract target customers towardstheir specific goods and services. Snowdeal required to analyse the current trendsof market and according to this theyprepare effective strategies. These arecertain method that can be used by Snowdeal for grouping and determine existingtrend of market:PrimarySecondaryQualitativeANALYSIS OF EXISTING TRENDSUTILIZING SUITABLE MEANSAn organisation has to analyse all latesttrends that takes place according tothe today world. It is the duty ofmanagement is to take correctivesteps which help in dealing indifferent situations. For recognisingall current trends in an appropriatemanner and it will able to deal withlarge firm and satisfy customers ineffectively.These are one of the major accurateniche tourism market that isadventure. Most of the people,main motive is to visit UK forspent holiday in adventurousplace and take fun on thatdestination. It is the main profitmaking segment of market thatassist in create large amount ofprofit for business. This willhave based on various travelerswho came for spent some timewith family members andConclusionThere are different measures that can enable the firm to gather data andtake their point of view on particular topic. This consideration assists indeveloping valid conclusion and make accurate decision so thatadministration can invest money in market in proper manner.This will have based on various travellerswho came for spent some time withfamily members and friends at adventurelocation. Therefore, enterprise have toorganise a tour where visitors are goingto visit at such places water parks, Jungletrips, Mountain climbing etc. Somestrategies which has to frame accordingto the given situations by this they candoing work decently in appropriatemanner.According to the recent survey record, it is clearly shows that travelers rateis increasing in this time period. It will support in changing strategies whichfulfil demand and needs of customers in high level. There are niche tourismproducts that have to analyses by Snow deal and deliver their services thatinclude cruise, adventures, medical, wellness, golf, polo, Eco tourism, Filmtourism, religion tourism etc.IntroductionCOMTEMPORARY ISSUES IN TRAVEL AND TOURISM
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