Social Media Explosion: Assignment

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Running head: SOCIAL MEDIA EXPLOSION1SOCIAL MEDIA EXPLOSIONPei Chin, LinENG101 – Composition IColorado State University – Global CampusJennifer NaimarkMarch 22, 2016
SOCIAL MEDIA EXPLOSION2Social Media ExplosionSome people may be right to state that the social media can make our life easier and it isthe best way to learn new things through it. In contrast, the social media can also bring us lots ofnegative affects. Nowadays the technology develops rapidly, from my point of view, peopleshould not rely on social media too much because it will make personal relationships moredifficult, destroying the personal privacy and distracting people from regular life.First of all, there are more and more people know how to use social media especially theteenagers. Young teenager spends at least 2 hours and 20 minutes on social media every day andit will definitely make their personal relationships more difficult. In Marcia Clemmitt’s “SocialMedia Explosion” article she brings up the fact that “Many kids say they prefer not to talk face toface, they reply on written communication only, mainly via text or social media sites, especiallywhen communicating with adults.” In other words, the young teenagers don’t know how to talkto people when they see their face especially with the people older than them because they usesocial media to communicate frequently. Moreover, most digital natives- the generation that hasgrown up online is less independent. They are the young generation with little experience dealingwith frustration or loneliness. They have lost the ability of communicating with other peoplefrom the reality. They need to stay in the cyber world to get some attention.Secondly, after the social media becoming a trend, personal privacy seems like somethingwe can only dream of right now. It is hard for the people to use the social media without beingstolen the personal information. There is only 30% of 90 sites guarantee they won’t sell people’sinformation to other companies. Clemmitt makes a brilliant point in her article “Social MediaExplosion”, “Many social network users post and tag multiple photos of themselves and friendscan also be a risk of third-party hacking.” It means hackers can steal the information easily andspread them to other websites because those photos are publicly available. Our life is not safeanymore, it is also easy for them to send virus through the website and invade our laptop. Also,the author mentions, “Our social media accounts offer views into our personal lives and exposeinformation that would be inappropriate to discuss during a job interview due to thee inherentrisk of creating bias.” In other words, you might get the rejection from the interviewers becauseof the personal behavior online. Maybe originally they wanted to hire you but after seeing your

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