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Social Media Has Become a Popular Trend Especially Among the Youth

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Added on  2022-09-05

Social Media Has Become a Popular Trend Especially Among the Youth

   Added on 2022-09-05

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Social media has become a popular trend especially among the youth of today. The
current world we live in is flooded with a myriad of social media platforms that have changed
the way people interact thus making it a global village. Social media platforms include but not
limited to social networking (LinkedIn, google, WhatsApp, Facebook), microblogging (Tumblr,
Twitter), video sharing (Facebook live, Vimeo, YouTube, periscope), photo sharing (Snapchat,
Instagram, Pinterest) (Fotis). The global communication has been affected greatly in a more
advantageous position than ever before. While decades ago, communication to our loved ones
was not an easy thing, where people had to spend lots of money on phone class, and send and
receive letters for days, these old habits have been buried by the presence of social media and
networks in the new generation enabling instant, unlimited and free communication globally
(Thoene and Sue). The new advancement in technology used in social media has made people
to become closer to each other by sharing messages online and multimedia items, tracking each
other activity online through their social media accounts, people also meeting online and
becoming the best friends ever or even finding love online (Fotis). Concisely, social media has
transcend to become the most popular worldwide web with over a billion users all over the
However, despite the tremendous trends made by social media, the negative impacts have
also been worrying. While people become closer to each other and bridging the geographical
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