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1Student’s NameProfessor’s NameCourseDateForgotten SociologistIn the last century, several women sociologists and activists have shaped the society. Theposition of the women in the modern society has been improved significantly due to theiractivities. However, due to the male dominated nature of the society of that time, the contributionof the female sociologists was overshadowed by the contribution of their male counterparts.Alice Paul is one of such less discussed sociologists who fought for equal rights of women in thesociety. The current research focuses on analyzing the contribution of Alice. The research alsogives importance on assessing the relevance of the work done by Alice in today’s society.Alice Paul was a leader of the Women’s Suffrage movement at that time. Alice also played a keyrole in passage of 19th Amendment to the US Constitution1. It secured the right of women to votein the US. Alice and the other Suffrage activists directly claimed the social liberty of women.However, their demands were not paid attention. In addition, the activists were arrested forobstructing traffic in the city. In Jail also, Alice and her fellows kept showing protest1 Piscopo, Jennifer M. "States as gender equality activists: The evolution of quota laws in Latin America."LatinAmerican Politics and Society57.3 (2015): 27-49.

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