C# Desktop Application for Airplane Seat Assignment


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Software Development Task Must use Visual Studio 2015 and Design and implement a C# desktop application (not a client-server or database application) that assigns seats on an airplane. Assume the airplane has 20 seats in first class (5 rows of 4 seats each, separated by an aisle), and 180 seats in economy class (30 rows of 6 seats each, separated by an aisle). The application should provide the following functionality: 1. Assign seat(s) to passenger(s). When assigning seats, ask for the class (first or economy), and the number of passengers travelling together (1 or 2 in first class, 1 to 3 in economy). Then try to find match and assign the seats. If no match exists, display a message. 2. Display seating status (assigned & available) on the computer screen, allowing the user to select from at least two different sorting orders, e.g. by seat numbers or by passenger names.3. Save and retrieve the airplane’s seating state between program runs. 4. Quit the application. Passenger’s details are not required to be maintained by the system; however, you may add extra features - both data and functionality to the application, if you wish.Software implementation should demonstrate/provide the following features 1. Use of appropriate data types (built-in and programmer-defined) to handle the application data 2. Use of appropriate data structures for the required programming scenario 3. Use suitable algorithms e.g. sorting 4. Define and use your own class or classes 5. Provide either console-based or window-based user interface for your application 6. Save and retrieve the objects state using serialization.DeliverablesThe software project and a reflective essay as described below. 1. Your software artefact in the form of a Visual Studio 2015 project, which should include the program’s source code, compiled classes, the executable file and data file (if any). 2. A reflective essay (1000 words), which concisely documents: a. detailed instructions to run the program

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