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Software TestingSoftware testing is an important phase of software development life cycle. Software testing is atime consuming and costly process but to get a software with minimum error we have do itstesting in all aspects. To do the software testing we have to generate its test cases, predefineexpected result, and the actual result which will be only shown when we run the software andthen compare the actual result to the expected result to check weather this software fail or pass inthat particular case.Error Guessing Test cases are sometimes written to be failed. It fulfils the intentions when a developer wants tofind out the situations where code is expected to fail. The arduous part of error guessingtechnique is to think our of the box and coming up with the situations where code can fail. In theset of test cases (19-20) are two basic test cases that are based on error guessing technique. It ishard to understand the structure of the file, hence variations in writing the content to a file willhelp in understating the behaviour of the parser and corresponding failures.Technique Used For Test CasesThe first technique that I will use to write my test cases is specification based test casegeneration technique. In this method the test cases are generated on the basis of requirementspecification given by the user. Test Case (1-4) in the test case file are based on the techniquespecified. There will a requirement document given by the user in which there is all the necessary thingsare mentioned which we have to do in the software. I choose this technique to test the softwarebecause as it is the basic need that a software has to meet all the requirements that are give by theuser. To generate test cases using this technique, first read and understand all the requirementsgiven by the user, and then check on every point that the software had fulfil the user requirementor not and on that basic the that particular test case is fail or pass. Another reason to choose this
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