Techniques for Generating Test Cases in Software Testing


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Software testing is an important phase of software development life cycle. Softwaretesting is a time consuming and costly process but to get a software with minimum errorwe have do its testing in all aspects. To do the software testing we have to generate itstest cases, predefine expected result, and the actual result which will be only shownwhen we run the software and then compare the actual result to the expected result tocheck weather this software fail or pass in that particular case.The first technique that I will use to write my test cases is specification based test casegeneration technique, in this method the test cases are generated on the basis ofrequirement specification given by the user. There will a requirement document given bythe user in which there is all the necessary things are mentioned which we have to do inthe software. I choose this technique to test the software because as it is the basic needthat a softare have to meet all the requirements that are give by the user. To generatetest cases using this technique I have to first read and understand all the requirementsgiven by the user, and then check on every point that the software had fulfil the userrequirement or not and on that basic the that particular test case is fail or pass. Anotherreason to choose this technique is that the testing engineer can generate the test casesvery early, as you know that the software requirement document is given by the first andthen the developer starts developing it, as the software is developed it comes to testengineer for testing and then test engineer starts writing the test case but in thistechnique test engineer can start writing test cases while the developer are working onthe software because in this case test engineer have to write the test cases on the basisof requirement document and that is also available for the testing engineer, other benefitof this is that it will reduce the time for software testing because the software will be in

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