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Running head: SPORTS GOVERNANCE AND STRATEGYSports Governance and StrategyName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor Note
1SPORTS GOVERNANCE AND STRATEGYQuestion 1The issue or concern that can be noticed about the conduct of the AC board meetings ofthe fact the independent Directors and the non-Executive Directors are conferring over telephoneas this has been regarded as a teleconference (Ma et al. 2013). There is a communication gap andlack of understanding has been noticed in this segment as the Directors are intending to give theiropinions and not being able to come to a particular decision.It can be recommended that these kinds of official meetings could be arranged fac-to-faceas this would increase the communication skills between them. The fact that the Directors are notcoming to one point of decision and continuously trying to prove their own points can harm theentire integrity of the meeting (Ma et al. 2013). Bobby should try to address the other officials tocome to a decision to improve the results in Rio Olympics 2016 knocking at the door.Question 2There have been many purposes to construct the Nominations Committee. Thiscommittee has to look after the operations of the Directors and the ways they will look after theneeds for the athletes and maintain the governance strategies made by the Australian SportsCouncil (Hargreaves 2014). This has to be in line with utilizing the skills of the Directors andhow they maintain their responsibilities. The ASC governance requirements have to be met bythe committee to ensure that the athletes are well trained and the legal barriers are overcome inthe entire process. No such conflicts have been noticed been recorded in the meeting as Robin had resignedfrom his role and Fatima explained that the ASC governance requirements were beingmaintained properly by them. An issue could be noted that the Terms and Reference could not be

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