SITXCCS008 Develop and Manage Quality Customer Service

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SITXCCS008 DEVELOP AND MANAGE QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE PRACTICESDEVELOP CUSTOMER SERVICE PROCEDURES – PROJECTPortfolio– develop and manage quality customer serviceAssessment Event 2 of 2Unit CodeSITXCCS008Unit NameDevelop and manage quality customer service practicesAssessment Event2of2Venue/Location ofAssessmentClassroom based, CampusLibrary, Learners own studyspaceDate of AssessmentProgressive;teacher willprovide details.Final Due dateWeek 17Learner DetailsLearner Name/s1.2.Teacher NameTony JacquetComplete all learner details above and return with the assessment event.The assessment event will not be accepted without the below learner declaration beingsigned.It is your responsibility to keep a secure copy of all work submitted for assessment aspart of this unit.Learner DeclarationLearner declarationIn submitting this assessment I declare that:This assessment is my own work. Any material sourced from elsewhere isreferenced, acknowledging the author, website, work and page. It does not breachthe Copyright Act. This applied to printed and electronic information.I understand that plagiarism (not acknowledging another person’s work) will beconsidered grounds for a result of Not Competent and possible disciplinary action.I agree that TAFE NSW Riverina Institute may keep a copy of my assessmentevidence for record keeping and auditing purposes only.I have kept a secure copy of the submitted work (except portfolios, resource kits, etc.)Learner Signature1.2.1. Organisational details1
SITXCCS008 DEVELOP AND MANAGE QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE PRACTICESProvide a brief outline of the organisation, the services it provides customers and its overallcurrent business performance.Hilton is among the largest and rapidly developing hospitality organizations in the world. It hasbeen 100years since Hilton is successfully doing its business with 5000 properties and in 103countries they are having more than 825000 rooms. In Sydney it has came up with its Hiltonhotel & resorts brand which is one among the most popular hotel brands in the world. Hiltonprovides a whole lot of services to their customers be it conducting business to providingaccommodations to the family, fitness and recreations as well as accessibility needs. It hasachieved record enlargement and financial outcome in 2015 and has continued to be the largestand outstanding performer as the rapid growing hospitality company.2. Customers’ needs and expectationsWhat type of customers does your business attract? What are their expectations?Hilton Sydney mainly attracts those customers who are following a luxury lifestyle along withthose customers who likes travelling along with those businessmen who conduct their meetingsand events in hotels. They also target ambitious individuals who like to apprehend their highstatus and achievements through their stays in a five star hotels.The expectations of the customers are to have a comfortable stay at the hotel with theirnecessities met on time. They mainly want good services at a good price (Ariffin & Maghzi,2012).3. Customer service evaluation processExplain current methods used to assess customer satisfaction levels and gain feedback.The current method that is used for assessing customer satisfaction levels is through customersatisfaction surveys. Through this survey the customers are asked how satisfied they are withthe follow up questions provided to them. It however, has got three variations like In-app, Post-service and long-email surveys. It is one of the standard approaches through which data iscollected on the happiness of a customer (N. Torres & Kline, 2013).2
SITXCCS008 DEVELOP AND MANAGE QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE PRACTICES4. Changes in internal and external environmentsReview any changes in your organisation’s internal or external environments. Identify anytrends or changes which may impact on current customer service practices. Outline the possiblechanges that your business may need to implement to cater for these changes. Name thesources of your information.Internal EnvironmentArea of changePotential impactPossible responseExperimentingwith technology-check in by phoneor key less checkinIncrease experiences ofthe travellerCustomers can value thesenew changes greatly that canmake their stay excitingmake them minimize theirwait times.Increase in lastminute bookingThebusinessandaccommodation cost of atrip that is planned at thelast moment becomeseasier.Business associates can thusbe more attracted to conducttheir event and meetingseven by applying at the lastminute for booking.More attention isgiven on thefitness and healthby making gymcompulsoryThe travellers as well asthe businessmen can stayfit and healthy even ontheir journey.Now a day’s every person isvery much health consciousand thus customers canhappily avail this new trendin hospitality and stay fit(External Environment) P.E.S.T. AnalysisArea of changePotential impactPossible responsePolitical(includes legal)The delicate politicalsituations in NorthernThus, affecting Hilton as thenumber of visitors is reduced.3
SITXCCS008 DEVELOP AND MANAGE QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE PRACTICESIreland and terroristattacks UkEconomicOutcomeofGlobaleconomic and the financialcrisis of 2007-2009, GBPexchange rate imposedagainst other importantcurrencies as well as theinflation rate in the UKThis made Hilton faced manychallenges and are in a riskthat any moment they mightfall under another economiccrisis that is effecting as wellas affect more to theirperformances.Socio-cultural(includes trends inpeople’sbehaviour, likesand dislikes)The changing customerlifestyles, variable ofcustomer’s demographic,growth rate of thepopulation and the effectthat the customers haveby their role models indecision makingWith the changes in thefactors pointed out hasaffected the Hilton hotels.TechnologicalInnovations in the industrythat came up with thetechnology helping the useof energy as well as costsBooking become very simplefor all type of customerswithin less time with the helpfrom the internet (DellaCorte, 2016).5. Customer surveyCreate a customer survey for your organisation and gain customer feedback on the currentproducts and services offered by your organisation.Copy the survey and ask three customers to complete the paper based survey. Submit thesewith this assessment.These are to be put in the appendix and referred to here.CUSTOMER SURVEYFOODExample: Portion size(E.g.) Needsimprovement1Average2Good3Excellent4Hygiene oftherestaurant3Food servedin propertemperature34
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