Assignment on Statistics Of Costing Using MS Excel

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Running Head: STATISTICS1StatisticsNameUniversity24thSeptember 2017
STATISTICS2You must use MS Excel for this assignmentTask 1 10 marksThe data for Task 1 in the data file for Assignment represents the starting costs in thousandsof dollars) for different kind of business.1.Find mean, median, mode, range, variance and standard deviation separately for everytype of business(2 marks)SolutionX1X2X3X4X5Mean83.0092.0972.3087.0051.63Median80.0087.0070.0097.5049.00Range105.00120.0090.00115.0090.00Variance1165.171512.69983.791289.11733.05Standard Deviation34.1338.8931.3735.9027.072.For every business type constructa.frequency and relative frequency distributions starting from class 0 to 30(3 marks)SolutionX1X2X3X4X50-300000631-604343561-904431491-12032251121-15021110151-18001000Total1311101016b.a relative frequency histogram(3 marks)Solution4080120More0246Histogram (X2)BinFrequency3570105More012345Histogram (X1)BinFrequency
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