Story of Qiu Ju: A Sociological Analysis


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Story of Qiu Ju (1992)
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The story of Qiu Ju is considered as a famous Chinese comedy-drama film of 1992. It wassuccessfully directed by Zhang Yimou. Gong Li play a title role in this film which is veryinteresting. It is the story of a woman who married to the infertile and brutal owner of a dye millin rural china and conceives a boy with her. She loves her husband, and that love forces her tofight for the justice. In this paper, we will discuss the Story of Qiu Ju and how it relates to thedifferent sociological themes. This will perform efficiently with the help of different sociologicaltheories propounded by Max Weber who is a famous sociologist. In the film, the peasant womanis known as Qiu Ju. She lives in a rural area of China. Qiu Ju is in the final trimester of herpregnancy. She is very silent and peasant in nature. One day her husband is conversing with thehead of the community than a miscommunication place between them. This will brings variousproblems in front of Qiu Ju. The leader of the community beat her husband in such a manner thathe must see a doctor. Due to this, he remains absent from work. So, there is no any incomesource for them and remain hungry for two days.The diegetic sound utilized by the director alsovery smooth and clear. The movie is completely based on the role of Qiu Ju and show how shestruggle in her life despite on the last stage of her pregnancy. She is the main reason behind theattractiveness of the film. As per the Max Weber, Sociology is considered as the relationship ofour action with the action of others (Durkheim, 2014). The movie completely denotes thesociology action in its story. The head of the town has the responsibility to manage all its citizensin an efficient manner. But he doesn't follow his rules and regulations effectively. The film isbased on the sociological theme of rigid adherence to rules and regulations. This is because thehead of the town is not following his rules and regulations and exploit human beings. He kickedQiu Ju husband in the groin to fulfill his personal benefits. He ignores all the human values andethics and also not follow the rules and regulations developed by the government of the state1
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Story of Qiu Ju: A Sociological Analysis