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HRM70006 Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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Strategic HRM in the Business (HRM70006)


Added on  2020-02-19

HRM70006 Strategic Human Resource Management Essay


Strategic HRM in the Business (HRM70006)

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Running head: Strategic human resource management Strategic human resource management
HRM70006 Strategic Human Resource Management Essay_1
Strategic human resource management The essay presents a brief overview of the strategic human resource management. Itexplains the approaches and theories of the SHRM and it also describes the key issues ofstrategic human resource management. It explains that how strategic human resourcemanagement plays a significant role in every organization. The essay also explains the best fitand best practice of SHRM. 1: The strategic human resource management includes the human resource elements such asdiscipline, payroll, hiring and retention strategies. Strategic human resource managementprovides support to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. It is the process and practiceof attracting, rewarding, developing retaining the workers to achieve the long term goals andobjectives of the association (Swailes, 2013). Strategic human resource department utilizes anddevelops the opportunities and talents to make the other department more effective and stronger.The organization cannot survive its business activities without effective strategic human resourcedepartment. There are various approaches to strategic human resource management. Theseapproaches include the resource based strategy, high-performance management strategy, highmanagement involvement strategy, high commitment management strategy and achievingstrategy (Martin et al, 2016). The approaches to strategic human resource management arediscussed below. The resource based approach developed by the Barney in 1991. The approach willaddress the methods and techniques of increasing firm strategic potential and capabilities by thedevelopment and growth of managers and other employees who can think and understand thekey strategic concerns and issues. This approach emphasizes the firm resources as the primarydeterminants of competitive performance and advantage. It provides the fundamental directionfor a firm and this approach is the primary source of revenue and profit of the company. Theresource based approach includes the resource mobility and resource diversity. Resourcediversity refers to the different resources and competencies and the resource mobility means aresource which is complex to obtain and acquire by competitors because it is inelastic in cost andsupply (Chipunza & Samuel, 2013).2
HRM70006 Strategic Human Resource Management Essay_2
Strategic human resource management High commitment management approach is the very important approach of SHRM and itplays a significant role in human resource management. It enhances and encourages the mutualcommitment of people. This approach is based on the high level of trust and faith. It emphasizesthe human responsibility, autonomy, sovereignty, and empowerment of employees. Theapproach focuses on the employees’ relationship and their commitments towards jobs. It focuseson the recruitment and selection of the right people with excellent skills and knowledge for doingthe right job. The right and potential employees help to maintain the high level of trust in theentire organization (Thunnissen, Boselie & Fruytier, 2013). High involvement management is another approach of the strategic human resourcemanagement. This approach provides opportunities to employees to take decisions about theirjobs and business. In this approach, top management involves the employees to participate in thebusiness activities of the organization. It improves and increases the efficiency and productivityof employees. Through the involvement in management, employees learn many things frommanagers and top management. Managers share knowledge and experience with employeesthrough the high involvement management approach (Cascio, 2015). After the various researches, it has been found that resource based approach is the best andeffective approach to strategic human resource management. Therefore, this approach plays asignificant role in an organization. In this approach, the resources are sub categorized intotangible and intangible resources and both the resources are essential for the functioning andrunning of the organization. It is one of the best substantial approaches of strategic humanresource management. The firm utilizes and develops the resources to increase the productivityand performance of employees. Through resource based theory, the company enables to producethe innovative products and services as per the needs and requirements of the consumers. It willhelp to increase and enhance the growth and profit of the organization. This approach evaluatesand measures the potential resources to provide more benefits to the company (Chen & Wang,2014). A comparative approach between ‘best practice’ and ‘best fit’ is discussed below. Best practice: The best practice model helps the company in performing HR activities. This helpsthe company to reach to a higher level. This gives the various advantages to the company. Theactivities performed by best practice model in HR are done professionally. This increases theperformance of the firm and gives better results. Best practice allows an individual to develop a3
HRM70006 Strategic Human Resource Management Essay_3
Strategic human resource management connection with the company’s HR department and the company itself. The company requiresworker with a higher commitment which is fulfilled by best practice model. Best practice modelsare presented in a professional way as it shows the performance of the organization (Bakker,2017).Implications:This is mainly as a result of conflicting views about what constitutes an ideal set of HR bestpractices, whether or not they should be horizontally integrated into ‘bundles’ that fit theorganizational context and the contribution that these sets of HR practices can make toorganizational performance. It provides the fundamental direction for a firm and this approach isthe primary source of revenue and profit of the company.Practical implications;The impact of best practice models results great. It enhances the performance of the organization.The work is such that it raises the attitude of the employees towards the firm. This model keepsemployees interested in the work. This keeps them regular at work. Work generated by theemployee is in a good amount which increases the productivity of the firm. The models havequality and they are efficient for the organization. The feature is mainly used in strategic humanresource department. This is a key theme which is responsible for the development of theorganization. The main aim of such approach is to check the availability of the practicesperformed by the firm. Using this practice one gets the chance to get close to the organization,which gives good outputs. The results are profitable. This makes the role of human resourceimportant (Izvercian, Potra, & Ivascu, 2016)..Against:Best practice approach does not stand on its name. The work creates confusion among theemployees. This results in lack of decision making in strategic human resource department.Best fit practice: The best-fit approach shows the relationship between human resourcemanagement and strategic human resource management. It talks about the kind of work andnature of work needed by the company. The HR practices are maintained. The approach is takenkeeping in mind the company’s requirements. Best fit practice follows the theme of serving the4
HRM70006 Strategic Human Resource Management Essay_4

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