Strategic Management of Projects: A Case Study of Ahmadiah Contracting and Trading Company


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Introduction Project management is a cycle that needs proper initiation and planning. It involves a series of steps like executing and controlling before closure of the whole project. Project management is mostly controlled by specific objectives and goals of an organization. However, it must be noted that major challenge of project management is the time constraints. Not all projects are completed as scheduled and hence project managers need to come up with ways of adjusting their programs in order to fit to the challenges and constraints of the project[ CITATION Rob05 \l 1033 ]. The best way to overcome such challenges is to be able to be flexible in terms of the decisions they make. There is also need for the staff to be able to set their objectives, evaluate, and reevaluate the project priorities frequently in order to ensure that everything goes as planned.The staff would need to stay highly motivated and willing to see the project completed. That would also require exercising team building skills and conflict resolution strategies[ CITATION Anc07 \l 1033 ]. That is because in any organization especially an organization that is under pressure to complete a project must meet challenges and other conflicts that would need to be resolved timely if the project is to be completed on time. The research focuses on Ahmadiah Contracting and Trading Company that is based in Kuwait. The company has been involved in rapid expansions and transformation of the country for the last 55 years. The company has been involved in modern planning techniques and has come up with modern infrastructure in Kuwait thanks to the oil boom. The company has also taken advantage in the growth of the modern metropolitan State of Kuwait and engaged in constructionof banks, shopping malls, office complexes, hotels, and resorts. Some of the most impressive works done by the company include the construction of the Marina Wall and its water Front,

Strategic Management of ProjectsBayan Palace, Kuwait Airways Headquarters, Amiri Diwan, Kuwait Finance House amongst many others. The portfolio of the company involves building and construction both in private and public partnership projects oil and gas amongst many other. Irrespective of the success in construction of some of the major infrastructure in Kuwait State the company is constantly faced with the constraints of time. Not all projects are completed on time despite the fact that required budget and time allocation are provided correctly. The paper therefore aims at studying some of the constraints and challenges that affect the company. Operational and Dynamic Capabilities of Construction FirmsThe firm is involved in the overall pre-construction services, planning, controlling and coordination of the whole project with the sole aim of providing the client with functional and financial viable products. The company cooperates with both local and overseas companies to design and select proper sites for the implementation of projects. The company engages in step by step analysis of the project starting from the preliminary planning and engineering, cost analysis and closure stages of the project[ CITATION Joh09 \l 1033 ]. Fig 1 Indicates the P3M3 for Ahmadiah Contracting and Trading Company2

Strategic Management of ProjectsSource https://publications.axelos.com/Project management at the company is at level 5 an indication that the company is continuously making improvements with technology and portfolio management as a means of optimizing and predicting performance over time. The company scored level 4 on management control, benefits management, Risk management, stakeholder management, Finance Management, and Resource management. The interpretation from the P3M3 indicates that organization retain specific management metrics on its whole portfolio of programs as means of predicting future performance. The company meets all the necessary stakeholders on time during the preliminary stages so that abudget is made on time. The following figure illustrates some of the core functions the company deals with at the pro-procurement stages. Fig 2 Project Management Dimensions at ACTCProcurement forms the next stage in which the company ensures that the construction materials are delivered on time within the agreeable and budgeted costs. The company ensures that quality materials are made available both locally and internationally with the aim of ensuring quality 3

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