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Running head: STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENTStrategic Marketing ManagementName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENTZara is one of the leading fashion brands that have several branches at a global platform.The major issues faced by Zara in terms of strategic management in the Australian marketinclude centralized distribution system, imitator of fashion designs along with limited marketingand advertising in Australia. Based on the identified issues in the Australian market, the suitablerecommendations are furnished below:Fashion creator:Zara needs to be a fashion creator for the Australian market rather thanbeing an imitator. The products of Zara are not exactly a trendsetter but are influenced bythe fashion trends in other high-end fashion trends. Zara needs to consider theexpectations and demands in terms of the fashion trend for the Australian market. Basedon the present demand of the Australian market, Zara needs to design and developfashionable clothing line and accessories for the target customers. Being a fashion creatorrather than an imitator will provide a competitive advantage for Zara to survive in thecompetitive market (Fletcher & Grose, 2012).Expanding the marketing and advertising techniques:Zara implements limitedmarketing and advertising strategy for the Australian market that eventually limits thepower of the brand to reach out to the customers. Therefore, Zara needs to expand theiradvertising and marketing technique in order to reach out to the potential customers ofthe Australian market. For example, Zara can localize their probable customers andadvertise their products by brochures, pamphlets, billboards along with theimplementation of digital marketing. This will help Zara to reach out the probablecustomers in a particular locality, develop products, accessories, and price accordingly(Wilkie & Moore, 2012).
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