Strategic Purchasing & Logistics.


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Strategic Purchasing & Logistics

Business to Business The business to business is defined as the business process in which the deals are conducted between the business to business in order to purchase the material for developing products and services for the end users. The deals between the two companies turn to provide profit to both theorganizations. Such as the food manufacturing company purchases ingredients from other company in order to make end products for the consumers (Hawkins et al., 2015). Following are the uses of Business to business:1.The value chain provides the benefits to both the companies which are dealing with each other.2.It enables to provide the high quality of products and services to the end consumers.3.The technology used by the company enables to produce innovative products which lead to provide a competitive advantage to the company.4.It helps to develop the valuable relationship between the customers and enables to achieve the long-term objective of the company.Impact on the career as a purchaser:1.The special skills are required in order to take a decision, bargaining power of buyer and others.2.The good relationship must be developed with the suppliers in order to improve the purchasing decision.3.The new trends must be understood by the purchaser in order to make correct purchasing decision which impacts on the profitability of the businesses.

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